“Lyrics and Type: Verse Two” Art Prints

The second round of the “Lyrics and Type” exhibition is currently taking place in London, and you can purchase the prints online now.  With stunning song-lyric-based prints by artists like Drew Millward, Morning Breath, Mr. Gauky, ILoveDust, and more, this is a very well curated show.  The prints are all 12″ x 20″ screenprints, have editions of 30, and are $80 AUD.  Visit LyricsAndType.com.

4 Responses to ““Lyrics and Type: Verse Two” Art Prints”

  1. I went on Saturday – aces show fo’ sure. Mr Gauky kills it and nice Drew Millward print as usual representing the often overlooked black metal scene. Nice!

  2. Wow. Love that Morning Breath piece.

  3. lately i really like the numskull prints. might buy his apple of my eye print.

  4. Fuck, and just half an hour walk. I’ll be there when they open tomorrow. =p

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