Tricia Kleinot’s Snoop Dogg Poster

I know a few people have been waiting for this one, and it’s finally available.  Tricia Kleinot’s Snoop Dogg poster is a 19″ x 25″ screenprint, has an edition of 50, and is $30.  There is also a version on hemp paper with an edition of 50 for $50.  Visit the Classifieds.

20 Responses to “Tricia Kleinot’s Snoop Dogg Poster”

  1. Damn, that’s dope!

  2. Such a great idea, that’s a 2 hour drive from me, but got too much sh!t going on to make it. Thinking about picking up the poster though.

  3. This show was in February, so I wouldn’t head that way.

  4. What kind of plant is that? Some sort of fern?

  5. Couldn’t resist the hemp version.

  6. At bananafana feux – are you serious? Unless your just being funny.

  7. Thanks admin, thought it said April, need to stop smoking this fern.

  8. It looks like a plant from Pandora. Maybe the Na’vi use it to flavor their spaghetti sauce.

  9. Dude it’s clearly NOT a plant from Pandora.
    It’s one of the pods from Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
    But what’s that gotta do with Snoop Dogg? He must be hella into old sci-fi huh? Space rap! Very cool.

  10. Seriously? Am I the only one that finds this to be painfully unimaginative? I get it, Snoop smokes weed. A Snoop Dogg poster focused on weed is about as predictable as a Shep poster focused on political propaganda. I agree that’s it’s a well-done image, but come on. If you buy this poster and don’t live in a dorm, then it’s time to grow up, Peter Pan.

  11. G’s Up Hoes down!

  12. thats one cool looking plant, the little orange worms crawling all over it are gross though!

  13. wow, such detailed hand rendering of the font 😉

    this could of been so much more…

  14. what a great piece…..i would totally be all of the hemp version…..IF it didn’t say Snoop Dogg. Not that i hate snoop or anything, just that i would much much rather have the specimen all alone.

  15. @OSA

    It’s simple, and that’s the way it should be. It’s supposed to look like those vintage textbooks / journals, so the text doesn’t have to be this elaborate thing.

  16. beatiful poster, a shame that the artist sucks in so many ways..

  17. what a contradiction!

    or did you not mean Beautiful?

  18. botany + snoop = a match made in hiz-eaven. one of my favorite prints of the year. i love old botanical drawings – they’re pure & simple but infinitely detailed. then, take a look at some of the earliest taxonomic drawings of Cannabis Sativa – they’re skinny & scrawny with little buds. now, look at this print – it’s pure and simple, infintely detailed but this is a big, fat, juicy snoop CHRONIC bud. perhaps willie nelson would’ve worked here also. bothare idolistic outspoken marijuana advocates. either way, without sounding too ridiculous, i think it simply says a lot about how far we’ve come in agriculture & music since those days of lewis & clark. can’t wait to get mine on hemp paper. perhaps i’ll roll it up and smoke it.

  19. @printmonkey…
    why does the artist suck? all of her work on gig posters is phenominal..
    She is very new to this whole scene. How the hell could you have possibly formulated an opinion on her so quickly? you hack.

  20. Some really ignorant people come out of the shadows and post here every now and then.

    Case-in-point: B-Rizzle. I wonder if he thinks it’s OK to hang up/own a poster like this with any other plant diagram on it. I’m sure a lot of people who live in dorms would love this, but the illustration and design work of this poster is so good that it can be classy when framed up nicely.

    Also, I bet Tricia Kleinot is perfectly cool (she is clearly talented), but Printmonkey didn’t have anything better to say about her. A print monkey indeed.

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