James Jean Ennio Morricone ATP Print

Thanks to a reader for the heads up on this.  ATP has a new print by James Jean for their recent Ennio Morricone event.  They were originally sold at the show the other day, it’s a limited edition giclee, and there will be 200 for sale total.  To inquire about purchasing, you have to send them an email.  For more info, visit ATPFestival.com.

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  1. My quote was $113.88 shipped to the US.

  2. Forgot to include the 3.5% extra fee for paypal payments.

  3. Any word on the size of this?

  4. “The print measures 590mm x 880mm.”

  5. Thanks!

  6. awesome poster.. I still kick myself for not pulling the trigger on the art print a couple of years back..

  7. I love Ennio Morricone. Since a little kid, my fave soundtracks were The Good The Bad & The Ugly. And, of all films, Orca. I also love James Jean. There are a couple of Open Edition prints I need to pull the trigger on… BUT this print design looks ugly… sorry.

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