Giveaway: Mono Worldess Music Poster by Dan Grzeca

The amazing folks at Temporary Residence Limited were nice enough to offer the readers of OMGPosters the chance to win a free copy of Dan Grzeca’s recent Mono poster.  It’s a 19″ x 25″ screenprint.  To enter, simply leave something in the comments.  I will leave the contest open for approximately 48 hours.  A winner will be announced Friday morning.  Please only comment once, I will be checking.  If your comment doesn’t show up right away, don’t worry, it is just awaiting moderation, it will get approved. Also check out the giveaway for a vinyl test pressing from the same show going on at OMGVinyl.  Good Luck!!!

Update:  Using the random number generator at, the lucky comment was determined to be #124.  Congratulations Joe Germuska, you’re the winner.  You’ve been contacted.  Thanks everyone for entering!!!!

231 Responses to “Giveaway: Mono Worldess Music Poster by Dan Grzeca”

  1. please!

  2. Yes, please….

  3. count me in

  4. over here! over here!

  5. thanks!

  6. Hello.

  7. Loves me some Mono!

  8. oooo pick me pick me!

  9. Hook a brother up!!

  10. Great poster – thanks for the competition.

  11. yahooo.

  12. This would look amazing on my wall!

  13. …thanks much to OMG and TRL!

  14. What a sweet giveaway! Thanks Mitch + the fine people at TRL!

  15. Dope print!

  16. Yeaaaaahhhhhh !

  17. Sign me up!

  18. This sure would look nice in a frame on my wall!

  19. Sweet!

  20. cool poster dan does cool stuff loved his phis print hope he does a few more for them this summer!!!

  21. Love those freebies…

  22. <3

  23. i think it’s mine turn to win something….Thanks!!!

  24. Yum, Yum!

  25. wordless = speechless
    (for mono?)

  26. That looks fantastic!

  27. OMG Rules

  28. Looks great – hope it’s me!

  29. thanks for this giveaway! ; )

  30. Yes please!

  31. The Temporary Residence Limited folks really are amazing and OMG Posters, you’re an everyday thing for me.

  32. Woohoo free stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. I love it.

  34. entry :)

  35. balls

  36. I’m in!!

  37. Thank you omg posters and dan grzeca.

  38. I can’t swim.

  39. Hey-o! I love me some Grzeca!

  40. Thank you.

  41. that’s a brilliant poster.

  42. Woohoo!

  43. Thanks!

  44. thanks for the contest!

  45. one of the most amazing bands out right now. can’t wait to get my lp/dvd package from this show.

  46. well done

  47. Amazing, great print, great contest.

  48. I love the colors and have been looking for a good excuse to pick up a Jetsah for a while now.

  49. I like that the house monster (or whatever) is wearing sneakers. Gotta protect them feet. :)


  51. Nice poster!!!

  52. For the win!

  53. You guys Rock!!!!!!!

  54. Dan rules!

  55. Great print !! Love it.

  56. Please

  57. Something!

  58. …shhhh…

  59. Red 5. Checking in.

  60. I love poster giveaways.Thanks Mitch and TRL!

  61. I’ve always been a fan of Grzeca’s style and subdued color palettes. I hope I win!

  62. ohh ohh ohh me me me me (waving hand crazily in the air)

  63. I have just the spot for this great art. :)

  64. Love Grzeca’s style.

    thanks for the contest!

  65. awesome, thanks!

  66. Double dang! Count me in please.

  67. Sweet print! Finger’s crossed…

  68. Sometimes you can not se the forest for the trees….. here’s your winner!!

  69. Beautiful!!

  70. Awesome.

  71. Thank you!

  72. need new posters . thanks for the free goods

  73. Would like.

  74. Oh Mitchie you’re so fine you’re so fine you blow my mind, hey Mitchie!….. *clap clap* hey Mitchie!

  75. sure

  76. Thanks!

  77. amazing print. love grzeca’s stuff.

  78. It’s surprisingly easy to imagine the House Creature jamming to the epic soundscapes of Mono’s soundtrack as he wrecks the shit out of nature. I’d ride up there with him if it weren’t for my fear of heights and bubbles.

  79. hopefully you pick me so i can end world hunger

  80. lookin good!

  81. This would really look nice on the wall of my grass hut…

  82. Radical!

  83. pick me please

  84. OHAI!

  85. I wont win this either.

  86. me: WIN you: FAIL

  87. If i win this, i’ll be a happy boy.

  88. Amazing poster for an amazing artist, I’d love to get a copy

  89. nice

  90. Nice Poster!

  91. yippee!

  92. I love Dans work I own quite a few of them now so would love another to add to my collection!

  93. love me some jetsah.

  94. i have dan’s in silence print on my wall.

  95. Cool, thanks for the chance

  96. Yet another masterpiece! This is great!!

  97. I met Dan a year ago at Souther Graphics printmaking conference. He is an awesome guy, I would love to display this on my wall.

  98. count me in!

  99. Dan Grzeca makes cool stuff.

  100. Holy jebus, murphy and Joseph! I am in, thats a sweet freebie, wouldnt want to meet that house in a dark alley 😉 PULEASE

  101. Would be a great addition! Thanks!

  102. Sweet! Hope I get it, its a sick poster!

  103. My cats breath smells like cat food

  104. Love Dan’s work. Very cool giveaway!

  105. me too

  106. BUP BUP BUP!!!

  107. i was at the le poisson rouge show! awesomeness!

  108. sweet, hope I win this one.

  109. Whoa killer poster.

  110. Looks good

  111. something!

  112. thanks trl.

  113. You never know….

  114. please, me want bad

  115. Thanks for the chance!

  116. I’m your huckleberry.

  117. polish poster prince of chicago!

  118. Also Awesome! Thanks Mitch!

  119. awesome poster!

  120. right here plz.

  121. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  122. did i these free giveaways .

  123. great poster

  124. My walls are covered with Dan’s work, but I’d gladly take another–this one looks awesome.

  125. What a gorgeous print! Fingers crossed!

  126. would love one!!!

  127. I’m in!

  128. Thanks again for the opportunity!

  129. Wow, some positive comments and not the usual shepard fairey bashing….give it time…

  130. spreading world piece…one print at a time!
    And to actually give feedback on the print, it is dope. Natural born streetfighter right there.

  131. Count me in!

  132. one for me!

  133. count me in

  134. great show

  135. That’s a nice poster !!!

  136. I sure would like to win!

  137. You’ve made the right choice. Thanks!

  138. When I first saw this I thought it was a giant fox head raiding a hen house. : )

  139. mono are epic

  140. looks good

  141. I spent the last dollar in my wallet to get into the last NYC mono concert, couldn’t afford a poster. :(

  142. billy bob thorton

  143. Thanks for the contest!

  144. I do not like pants. I like this poster!

  145. Nice!

  146. my friends call me mongo… i can’t repeat what my enemies call me.

  147. 1

  148. Something :)

  149. Thanks for the chance Mitch!

  150. Jetsah!!!!

  151. wooohooo!!!

  152. Home is where the heart is.

  153. Neat.


  155. Would be nice to add to a young collection. Thanks :)

  156. Nice looking print :)

  157. Sign me up.

  158. Something in the comments.

  159. Me please.

  160. that is one tough lookin’ house!

  161. yes.

  162. SOMEBODY is that needle in the haystack…

  163. yes.PLEASE!

  164. Si Dalí estuviese vivo!Escucharía a Mono!!!

  165. i love his stuff! hope i win this or the test

  166. pick meee!

  167. Jet-sah!

  168. Grzecka in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  169. would love this, it would look great next to my janetegrity print, or next to my CoD MW2 poster.

  170. woO!

  171. right on, Dan’s got great work!!

  172. something

  173. Nice work!

  174. went to both gigs. incredible band :)

  175. Jet-sahhhhhhhh! Chicago loev

  176. What can I say…thank you for this opportunity.
    Love from Rome, Italy.

  177. Crossing my fingers..

  178. I never win anything. Pity me.

  179. awesome……………..

  180. finger crossed!

  181. Soooo nice!

  182. Com(?)

  183. Please Please Please!

  184. what a lovely band and print x

  185. Oh yea … closing in on 175 replies!!

    Still good odds for a cool print.

  186. count me in. cheers.

  187. Love the Charlie-Brown-shirt-coffee cup, and can’t decide weather its a cyclops or a Third eye. That house has a wicked left hook and dragon breath.

  188. nice legs

  189. I never win anything, but what if ???……..

  190. something else

  191. Dan’s work is always fantastic! Thanks for setting up this contest, OMGers.


  192. count me in. Thanks

  193. If only…

  194. When I reply to these comments sections to win a prize it reminds me that I should leave comments more often. I check this site daily – it is a great resource for cool art!

  195. pick me mitch! 😀

  196. ba da bing!

  197. i like free stuff!!!

  198. yummy

  199. Walking down the street. Saw a leaf jump up on to a tree. Looked closer. It was a butterfly up there.

  200. Temporary Residence Limited is great

  201. Thanks for offeirng this!


  203. sorry I’m late

  204. Please give me this poster. Thanks.

  205. Meeeeeeeeep!

  206. I’m in too! One for me!

  207. Yay for more jetsah down under!

  208. False shipping confirmations are where its at.

  209. Great !!!!

  210. Let the good times roll!

  211. omg, so many comments here.
    Mono is awesome.

  212. Would look great on my wall 😉

  213. want this one!

  214. Chicago RULES!!!!!!!

  215. Grilled cheese

  216. i am here.

  217. I love Mono.

  218. in it to win it!

  219. Hehe…. Am I the lucky guy?

  220. Hehe…. Am I the lucky guy?

  221. I am the best!

  222. Yes please! Beautiful print!

  223. waga waga
    great poster!!

  224. I kind of love this poster. I would definitely buy but winning one would be even sweeter. Keep up the good work Grzeca!

  225. Mono’s Hymns album is one of my top five favorites – and I’m so bummed that I missed their 10th anniversary tour that I’ve already got tickets to this tour next month! Can’t wait!

  226. i want this!

  227. thanks for the contest!

  228. awesome stuff

  229. great…i´d love to see it on my wall!

  230. Beautiful print!

  231. feeling lucky!!!!!

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