“Raw Power” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)

Sometimes I question the direction Shepard Fairey’s prints are headed in.  This is one of those times.  “Raw Power” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 650, and will be $75.  It goes up tomorrow (Friday, April 9th) at a random time.  Visit ObeyGiant.com.

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  1. His work is rubbish, no credit. This is my opinion though…hey!

  2. I used to be a massive Fairey fan but this is truly appalling as have been the majority of his prints of late. Shame really

  3. This brings the major lols

  4. why is there part of a guitar growing out of iggy’s shin? is the other part up his ass? LOL

  5. Tony….

    Raw Power

    Title says it all

  6. Tony….

    Raw Power

    Title says it all

  7. I think I get it now. Shep’s actually left handed!
    He’s gonna pull a Keyser Soze on us and toss the mouse over to the left on his next release and we’re all gonna be like “Whaaaaaaaa?!? The dude could draw all along???!!!???”
    I’m pretty sure he’s been getting his concepts off a 13 year old girl’s doodles on her backpack so I bet once the detective looks around the girl’s bedroom he’ll figure out where all this shit came from.
    It’ll be a sick reveal you guys, trust me.

  8. okay, maybe i don’t get it.
    this (IMO) is not a bad print.

    not, it doesn’t carry any political agenda; yes, the edition is 650 and the price is exorbitant as well… but, c’mon… this is better than a LOT of other prints created by other designers and /or by Shep himself.

    the guitar does seem to be headed to places i dare not talk about here…

    can somebody please point me in the opposite direction… maybe there is something i am missing here (why everyone bashes Shep’s prints).

  9. because sheps prints were straight fire back in the day

  10. Because he used to be a provocateur who was focused on gorgeously-realized social commentary.

    The work was not only beautiful and refined, but it had this badass edge that reminded you exactly where it all came from—the need for a voice that says “fuck the Man, what do YOU think?”.

    Now he’s just cashing in on his style, pumping out portraits and wallpaper patterns every month.

  11. this print is AWESOME….


  12. wow.. Shep.. you are the man.. Its not horrible but,

    Edition size 650, price $75.. do the math

    650 x $75 = $48,750… More than double what i make in a year…

  13. @jesus: I had a super long response for you all typed out. Included a bit of background on Shep and the OBEY brand, some examples of STELLAR print artists working today, and finally a little info about photographic vector tracing and how easy it really is to do…. but I killed it. I don’t wanna ruin perfectly good enthusiasm. If you’re still wowed by Shepard Fairey’s work then I say hold on to that for as long as you can my man.
    Once you see a commercial “artist” for what they really are it’s hard to go back to being stoked on anything they produce. Kinda like when you learn how evil Wal-Mart is or how fucked up the meat industry is or why your country really goes to war with other countries… critical enlightenment tends to make your cereal a little soggier in the morning. :)

  14. ironjaiden…
    thank you.

    i am not WOWed by shep; i’ve had several opportunities to buy his prints but haven’t (flatstock is one example); i don’t like his red, black, and whiteish brand colors. i don’t think that what he does is extremely difficult; however, it takes knowledge, dexterity, as well as will power to have a finished product (art) that people are willing to buy (they sell out in seconds on his website).

    now, if he is not as good as before, well… we all go through bumps in our lives.

    i guess i am not willing to bash somebody else’s work unless it really looks like something a first grader (or myself) can do… (and yeah, some might argue that a first grade could pull this print out… i doubt it).

    anyway, let’s just go ahead and buy some horkey’s…. now THAT man is talented!

  15. @iron jaiden: I’ll bet you and all your dope smokin’ artist buddies sit around your hovel wondering why the world hasn’t yet discovered your genius, eh?

  16. Look guys, if you can’t get behind a print that shows Iggy getting his “rocks off” with some musical equipment, then you guys just aren’t rock n’ roll!

  17. @Tool: actually no. I don’t “smoke dope” or do any kinda drugs for that matter. Hell I don’t even drink. I also don’t live in a “hovel”. My wife and I purchased a very nice 3 bedroom home just outside of downtown Denver a couple of years ago and raise two awesome kids there. I spend most of my time either at work or home with my family. Spring is finally here so we’ve been spending most of our time working on our garden. This year we’re doing twice as many raised beds as last year (16 total) so I’m sure you can imagine how tough that is to get started. It’ll be worth it though as we’ll be enjoying fresh organic produce all summer long.
    As for my artistic ability I was employed for years by a design firm in Washington, D.C. I gave that up about 6 years ago in pursuit of a career that allowed me more time with my family and considerably less stress, the move proved to be quite fruitful. I have no “genius” to speak of but I’m somewhat satisfied with the body of work I’ve produced over the years.

    While I appreciate your query about my personal life I really don’t see what that has to do with Shepard Fairey and the print at hand. Art, once released into the public space, becomes open for criticism. As a matter of fact criticism (even the harshest) is an integral part of the artistic process.

    Hopefully that answers your question.

    (Unless of course you were just being an idiot in which case I’d say *high five*!)

  18. It’s not so much how it’s made!
    it’s about getting the idea and materialize it on to the paper or any other material.

  19. @jesus: yeah it’s really about early Shep being light on raw talent but heavy on conceptual prowess while current Shep is light on both. He put himself out there and as such has to stand up to criticism. Price you pay for makin them kinda dollars off your art :)

  20. iron jaiden… i agree (criticism).

    hey, i would like to read the response you had in mind (the one you did not post because you did not want to destroy my enthusiasm).

    i just started collecting posters a couple of years ago and it was because of that obama’s poster (hope + progress); i don’t own any of shep’s posters but i do think people bash him way too much because of his popularity, flipping notwithstanding.

    i have seen his old work vs. new work and to the plain eye it all seems the same… like i said, i would love to find out why he was so beloved before and now he has fallen from people’s grace. so shoot me an e-mail if you can:

    or just post it here…

    anwyay, let’s keep on trucking…

  21. @Jesus,

    Simply put, people are jealous of Shepard. Yes, he does steal shit once in a while which makes me cringe, but when it comes to composing and communicating things graphically, he is at the top of his game.

  22. Seems as though anytime Shep puts anything up on the plate that has anything to do with his punk rock sensibility’s it is treated with this sort of criticism. It’s a shame really as this print appears to be well done.

  23. If you guys can’t see what this poster really is about…than jump on th band wagon and keep refreshing your obey page till you actually do get screwed. All this is, is a stupid vector traced image. With Shep. you need to be selective. Some are good, but now days, most are terrible. If you had the talent to Vector any image and make a bundle out of it, then for God’s sake, for your supporters, take a good fukin image. The guy put in work over the years, so we need to respect that. But trying to rob are money on some cheese ball print, should get no respect.

  24. absolute genius, definitely one of sheps best prints of all time!

  25. @IJ. Good to hear it. Sounds like you’re a solid citizen.

    But at this point, isn’t all of the “criticism” just kinda like a massive circle jerk?

    I mean, how many times do we have to hear the same things about the guy’s lack of talent, etc? You seem like a pretty sharp guy. Can’t you see that you’re just wasting keystrokes?

    Hell, seems like I’m wasting them right now!

  26. If you had a license to print money, wouldn’t you?

    answer me that……….how is Fairey any different?

    his work no longer needs to be good, because, we the public buy anything he puts out.

    so, why should he put out anything that takes time? or any artistic ability.

    He woke up, put 15 minutes into the image, emailed it to his lackeys at Obey, and the calculated the roughly $50,000 into his account….

    keep buying this crap, and he will keep producing it.


    anyone else agree?????????

  27. okay, found it… didn’t know about vector art.


    now, please excuse me as i kick myself in the forehead and spend the rest of my days in a dark dungeon drawing and screenprinting for the masses….

    let me start my copyright: “jesus is my shepard”?

  28. @Tool: oh I won’t disagree one iota that sitting around on OMG ripping apart every mediocre piece of art Shepard Fairey poops out is a complete waste of time. It absolutely is. Thing is from 7am to 3pm Monday through Friday (MST) I’m at a very undemanding job and have lots and lots of time to waste. It’s either sit on the computer and F5 good print drops (while conversely making fun of bad ones) or stare off into space and imagine what it’d be like if people’s knees were on backwards.

    @Dinker: hear hear!

    @Jesus: You can be one of my “assistants” in my Fepard Shairey project. (or you can be Fepard if you want, makes no difference really 😀 )

  29. I think thats the ‘Dracula’ font found on Dafont.com for free.

    This honestly looks like someone off of Deviantart was trying to make a poster that looked like Shepard had made it, but the sad part is that this is Shepard making the art.

  30. Shep – If you’re listening. These money grab posters are turning us against you.

  31. @jesus, thanks for that link… turns out SF is even more of a fraud than I had realized.

    And yes, his overall quality has suffered mightily in the past few years, fraud or not… can’t say I’d be different though, if there were suckers out there paying top dollar for me to churn out product as mediocre as this poster. Buyers share the blame.

    “Who’s the more foolish: The fool, or the fool who follows him?”
    –Obi Wan Kenobi

  32. found the photo…
    and the lettering is from the actual album…


    now, who else (designer) does this shiite?

  33. Ok, not to drag this shit through the mud but I got home about 20 minutes ago and threw the original photo into live trace, adjusted a couple of settings, and uploaded the result to imageshack.

    Here it be: http://img541.imageshack.us/img541/2762/fepardstooge.png

    If I didn’t have better things to do I could spend another half hour and clean up the lines by hand, draw a nice easy background, pick a fun font and go to town. What waste of time though.
    I know some people don’t like to see all the shit Mr. Fairey catches these days but honestly I can’t think of another highly paid artist out there who has it so easy. If a goober like me can create EXACTLY what you create in under an hour with little to no effort then fool you’re gonna get ragged on every step of the way.

    Shep still makes his riches, we still get our chuckles at his expense, all is right with the world :)

  34. iron jaiden, you my friend, are my new fellow to follow…

    thanks for the very informative thread.

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  36. looks like it’s up for sale, i’m so happy it’s not selling out.

  37. here’s a question, could i copy the old obey style and bring it back as my own?

    certainly he doesn’t want it anymore, it’s just laying around in the trash right now.

    i’m certain i could look at old war posters and make his old fans (my new fans) happy.


    I’ll call it Comply.

    Boo Ya, millions of dollars, here i come.

  38. or
    i’ll DRAW the same stolen image and make it look better.

    yeah, maybe i’ll just do that.

    i’m thinking of the name “dis-obey”.

  39. Some days I just don’t feel like leaving a comment at all

  40. if you question it – why do you feature it and give a link helping to sell it?

  41. I like his work but by releasing so many prints in such a short period of time this kind of works against him, as his work slowly will loose value. even though his prints are sold out in minutes. and to me clearly this means SF has become greedy.

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