New Trailer for Banksy’s “Exit Through The Gift Shop”

Wow, this new trailer for Banksy’s new film, “Exit Through The Gift Shop”, really shows a lot more of what the film is all about.  Let’s hope for a US release soon.  Until then, enjoy!!

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  1. The US gets a release next week. I myself live in Belgium, wich means I’ll maybe see it in 2011 since distributors overhere just don’t get it.

  2. cant fucking wait for this

  3. Wow is right. That looks great.

  4. yeah, with some luck it will make the film festival in ghent this year kurt. otherwise we’ll have to wait for the dvd release

  5. looks sick!!!, cant wait for it.


  6. beyond excited for this

  7. saw this in london before it went out of theatres and it is awesome. the film is more made by banksy than about banksy himself though.

  8. I saw this at Sundance this year, it was one of my top 4 movies… it was awesome!! If you like street art you will love this movie!

  9. saw it in berlin! it’s hilarious!

  10. I like wall art, but I hate DUESCH BAGS LOSERS like the ones shown at the beginning of this trailer. Writing crap on walls and public/private buildings isn’t art. Even in the lowest form.

    There is NO beauty, no intelligence, no creativity in TAGGING. They need to be shot in the yellow strip running down their backs.

    If the message isn’t negative, then I, as a store owner, wouldn’t mind beautiful art on my wall. Idiots that spray their ignorance might as well eat a bullet.

  11. atttn:Toby

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