“Pink Moon” Art Print by Dan McCarthy

Well folks, today is really Dan McCarthy’s day.  His new monthly art print is up, and it’s awesome.  “Pink Moon” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, probably has an edition of 555 or so, and is $40.  Visit DanMcCarthy.org.

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  1. Already Gone. Sold out in about 20-30 minutes. Definitely one of Dan’s best.

  2. indeed, that print sold out REALLY quick

  3. i really like dans work but i passed on this one. didnt care for the sun beams — think it makes it look way too busy (everything about it is very nice though). obviously im in the minority so it doesnt matter anyway.

  4. What makes everyone think this is sold out? Is there a message after you add it to the cart? Looks like it’s still up for sale to me.

    Grabbed one right after he posted it, but just curious.

  5. Yes, there is a message after you try to checkout.

  6. Between this, Night Air, The Fall, and Stand by Me, Dan seems to understand what type of print is gonna be popular. Count me as one of those, I just hope he still mixes it up a tad.

  7. I really really doubt Dan is going for what is popular .

    He’s is just creative and trying different things as it is. If you look back through his entire body of work he has “mixed it up”
    in everything through colour , theme & style
    as it is .

  8. Stunning.

  9. Glad I got in on a sub this year. I really dig this one

  10. Agree with Matt, so glad I’ve gotten the subscription for Dan the last 2 years…

  11. I’m just curious, when you get the Mccarthy sub (which I thought about), how many of those 13 prints get up on your wall? 2, 3 maybe? I love his work, I just don’t want my place lookin like a shrine.

  12. I want my place looking like a shrine! I will gladly renew my membership next year.

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