Five New Art Prints by Alex Pardee

Alex Pardee has an impressive batch of five new art prints available.  “The Grandfather”, “Red Handed”, “The Piggyback 2”, “The Zookeepers Secret”, and “The Giant Kitten” are all 17″ x 22″ giclees, have editions of 100, and are $45 each.  Visit

2 Responses to “Five New Art Prints by Alex Pardee”

  1. Two of these are pieces that I’ve stood in front of and had someone talk me out of buying. Because I am stupid. I bet Piggyback looks amazing in real life, it reminds me of his “Open Sore” series and I think those 3 are his best prints ever (I do mean prints, not OGs, those specific prints look great).

  2. Gosh these are so amazing i love Alex’s work sooo much he has an amazing imagination

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