Zoltron’s Fantastic Mr. Fox Poster

Zoltron recently whipped up this poster for a screening of Fantastic Mr. Fox at San Francisco’s Red Vic Movie House.  It’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint with an edition of 100.  It goes up today (Friday, March 26th) sometime in the morning (PST).  Visit Zoltron.com.

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  1. Just picked mine up – on sale now! http://zoltron.com/store/

  2. sold out.

  3. unbelieveable.. walked away for one minute and come back to sold out. ashuklshdfglks how much were these?

  4. I have literally been refreshing all morning

  5. are you fucking kidding me

  6. why did this sell out so friggin’ fast? wasn’t there 100?

  7. DAMNIT! I’d been checking all morning.

  8. a diseased pigeon told me that 50 sold out in less than 2 minutes,
    but some will be available from the printer @ http://gammalyte.com

  9. +1
    Got it at 10:17:05 PDT.
    This print went fast.

  10. one word.


  11. NOTE: Some printer’s copies (still from the edition of #/100) are available at Gammalyte.

    Go for it here’s your chance. Hurry!!!

  12. Best film of 2009 by far. I wanted this so damn bad but Time Warner took out our internet doing “upgrades to the lines”. To say I’m bummed doesn’t even begin to define it.

    Please do more, 100 is nothing for such a great film and a masterpiece of art to back it up.

  13. Steve these sold for $40 bucks plus $9 for shipping at Zotron.

  14. If you happened to order extra(s) …please email me at dubL1onz@gmail.com

    Thank you.

  15. is that a zooey deschanel print in the bottom picture?

  16. @blah The bottom one is for the Jacknife Firehouse Art Show: http://chucksperry.net/2010/03/jacknife-firehouse-art-show-poster-march-11/

  17. Thanks Joe but thanks to you and matt I was able to literally get into the crashed out gammalyte site for a brief second to buy one 🙂

  18. this is an awesome poster, I LOVED the movie !!!

  19. this is quite “fantastic”!!! any chance they’re still available?

  20. I just got one of these beautiful posters, with postage was almost $500 (international postage and customs charges)
    worth it though, just gorgeous.

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