“Incarnation” Art Print by Mark Ryden (Onsale Info)

Mark Ryden has returned with another BEAUTIFUL new art print.  “Incarnation” is a 26″ x 37″ lithograph, has an edition of 500, and will be $500.  Sure, we all wish it was a different medium, and sure, it’s a bit expensive, but who else is putting out work that looks this good?  Noone.  It goes up Thursday, April 1st at 8am PST.  Visit PorterhouseArt.com.

33 Responses to ““Incarnation” Art Print by Mark Ryden (Onsale Info)”

  1. wooooow are people really complaining about the price? its mark goddamn ryden! he’s as A-List as this scene gets. he could get away with charging four figures for these easily.

  2. Im gonna try for this. I for one dont give a rats ass about an apostrophe or an upside down comma, or where it is placed.

    frame it out if you dont wanna look at it.

  3. this print makes me hungry.

  4. “Seriously, $500? For an edition of 500. I’ll wait for it to go on sale on eBay also…”

    Go on sale on Ebay? This print like pretty much all of his prints is only going to go up in price.

  5. Jon, I seriously doubt that the misplaced apostrophe was intentionally placed “by the artist to improve a piece of art”.

    It’s silly to dislike the print because of a grammatical error, but it’s equally silly to attribute an obivious typo to “artistic license”.


  7. Are people actually thinking this will go for more than $500 in the near future? If so, I think those particular people are high.

  8. BRC – So I’m assuming you’re Mark Ryden? Perhaps a mind reader?

    How you can know, without a doubt, that this is an “obvious” typo? The name of the show is “The Gay 90’s: Olde Tyme Art Show.” This is listed on Ryden’s personal website as well as the Paul Kasmin Gallery. I find it hard to believe that Ryden would just let that slide because of a typo.

    But hey, maybe I’m just being silly.

  9. it”s up.get some

  10. Ha Ha – some people make me laugh – good luck getting this one on ebay – have you not noticed that all Mark Ryden prints sell out in under 24 hours??? Yes they then do appear on ebay, but not for under their original price. I feel sorry for you for being so cheap. And for all you f**k nuts worried about apostrophes, suck on this”””””””””””””””””””:”

  11. I just HAVE to comment on the grammar conversation.
    The way he is using 90’s IS correct.
    “The Gay 90’s Olde Tyme Art Show.”

    90’s IS possesive of Olde Tyme Art Show. that’s all.
    …oh! and I think Ryden’s work is GENIUS.

  12. All I could think of was Lady GAGA’s recent outfit !

  13. You tell ’em Nicole! This edition sold out in 15 minutes, and the latest one “The Tree of Life” also lasted only 15 minutes. From the moment they sell out the prices go up and up. Anyone who takes grammer so seriously should surely know the difference between it and punctuation, no?

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