Olly Moss Mystery Tubes From Gallery 1988 (Onsale Info)

Gallery 1988 are doing a mysterious little Olly Moss print release tomorrow.  For a mere $35, you’ll receive one of three “movie-inspired” prints by Mr. Moss.  They are 18″ x 24″ screenprints, each with editions of 100.  Here’s your hint:  they are all red and black.  The tubes go up tomorrow (Tuesday, March 23rd) at a random time. a “little after” 1pm PST Check out their blog for more info, then keep an eye on Gallery1988.com.

268 Responses to “Olly Moss Mystery Tubes From Gallery 1988 (Onsale Info)”

  1. jumpin’ jimminy Jesus. I am SO in for those prints… they are all incredible. *fingers crossed for Die Hard*

  2. I am also hoping to for Die Hard although any of them would be a nice addition to my collection.

  3. is the hint supposed to indicate that they will all be the Inglorious Bast. print? or is my noobage showing.

  4. oops…just did a google image search on his posters. (chews on foot) lol.

  5. I like the options, the Die Hard print is pretty killer. Ill be trying to snag one of these…

  6. i wonder if we can buy more than one?

  7. Yeah I’m gonna try for one. Keeping my fingers crossed for that incredibly cool Die Hard but I’d be stoked on a Last Crusade or Deer Hunter… actually I’d be stoked on any of these. All very well executed.

  8. Nightmare on Elm st.?

  9. Was the Alice in Wonderland image ever released as a print?

  10. Nice . . . I hoping for a Great Dictator . . .

  11. i will try to get one for a good friend of mine…
    i am not a huge fan of olly; is there a reason for him being this sought out? was it only because of his lost print?

    aaron horkey, emek, danger, et al, i understand why people would like to buy their stuff…

  12. While I don’t have any Moss yet, I enjoy the simplicity and concepts in the his prints more than anything and will probably try for one of these tubes. The LOST one is probably my least favorite Moss prints I’ve seen. I know what it was trying to mimic, but I’d prefer just the wheelchair, footsteps and knife with some very subtle type.

    Personally, I don’t get Emek popularity/frothing myself. His typefaces drive me nuts, and there are only a couple of his prints I’d actually put money on. Some of the illustrations are amazing, but the type is always a sore spot for me. But like anything, to each their own…

  13. @jesus

    It might be the fact that Olly is a graphic designer whereas Aaron, Emek & DD are more illustrators. It’s all art but it differs.

  14. $35 for the print and probably $40 for shipping if it’s anything like the sports show purchases.

  15. Very nice, I have one of Olly’s Life Well Wasted prints… I’d definitely buy if I were guaranteed to get a Last Crusade or Die Hard print, ehh I may still try my luck anyway.

  16. yes, olly’s greatness to me is how he can say so much with such simple visuals. It’s all very clever, and makes him a damn good designer.

  17. makes sense… thank you guys… hope we all get a print.

  18. locke’s secret is beautiful in person and if you are a fan of show then you are most likely a fan of locke and his story, especially to me, is the most intriguing. in season 1, his episode was the first one i saw and got me hooked. even got a little eteary eyed

  19. @Joe: yeah man Locke definitely got me hooked as well. Although it take about 3 seasons before I could see Terry O’Quinn as anything other than The Stepfather :)

  20. It took me all day to realize that when he said “tomorrow”, he actually meant tomorrow, and not today…

  21. hoping they go up soon

  22. I hate not knowing where it’s going to go up. Featured Items, Prints, or New Items. Anybody got any idea ?

  23. I am thinking the same thing Steven. I am under the Featured Items listing, but I am working so i cant really sit here bouncing to all of them trying to find it when they go up.

  24. I’m thinking featured too. I’m at work also. D@mn you job that makes me money so i can buy prints!!

  25. Really more than anything the bigger problem is I have a lunch meeting to goto now, so chances are I will miss it par usual.

  26. Yeah I’m assuming featured. I’m at work just like you guys so this one’s gonna be tough. Here’s hoping I luck into this one for sure :)

  27. Haha Baker, I feel your pain. One of the few days that I don’t have meetings all day, and I will be trying to check every 30 mins. But hey, if it does come up now at lunch time and if I have a chance to grab two, you can have one.

  28. it sucks… i guess they’ll wait until everyone is off work?
    wouldn’t that be smart?

  29. or at least during LA’s lunchtime?

  30. Hah I should hope they don’t mis-time a drop to happen during rush hour. G1988 are pretty pro about this stuff, I’m guessing it’ll happen this morning.

  31. You guys think this will sell out quick? I don’t know, there’s not been too much hype in the poster world.

  32. I dunno. Every time I think something’s gonna be around for at least a day it sells out in 30 seconds and every time I think something won’t last a wink it’s up for months.
    I’m gonna go ahead and think these will sell out instantly. That way we’ll all get a shot at ’em :)

  33. Damn, got a meeting in 15 mins, 10am PT. I’ve been watching featured as well as new. I think these will go pretty quick given the recent hype around Olly, and people have been waiting for these for a while now.

  34. I’m really hoping to snag that last crusade print, it’s amazing.

  35. I kind of wish they would give us some sort of range; it’s really frustrating refreshing every couple of seconds and its probably really bad for their servers.

  36. Keep in mind it’s only 10am in LA. I don’t think the gallery is even open yet.

  37. Los Angelese it opens at 11 am.
    San Fran it opens at noon.

  38. That is true. The gallery opens at 11am PST. Oh yay it’ll probably drop right when I have to be away from the computer for a half hour. I swear if that happens I curse you fools to getting a goddamn New Moon print!!! 😛

  39. True, so then why not tell us that it won’t go on sale before the gallery opens? For all I know, it’s an automated system. Most people on the West Coast have been working for an hour already.

  40. That’s the name of the game. Noone is saying you have to sit in front of your computer, that is your choice. Get some fresh air, relax, have patience.

  41. That’s better than East Coast people though, they’ve been at work for four hours.

  42. @Mitch: Haha dude don’t be cruel.. some of us are locked up far far away from fresh air at work. What I wouldn’t give to be laying out in the grass with a book right now…. ahhhhhh..

  43. Does anyone know if these will only be available online? Or can I go to the LA location and pick one up?

  44. Made it past lunch. Now all i’ve got to do is sit in front of my computer and look like i’m working. Easy Money.
    This will be fun if it goes past 3 pm EST, Eddie goes on sale sometime after that.

  45. Annnd back from my lunch. Seems like all is well around here. I feel you Iron Jaiden, I am locked away in an office today. I guess thankfully I am not doing field work today so atleast I am by a computer.

  46. Their site is really slowing down. If somebody gets the Last Crusade poster, buy one for me! (wait it’s random…..crap.)

  47. Seems like i’m always away from my desk during a drop i’m interested in. Missed the last couple Fairey drops (the ones that were worth a deuce) due to meetings. Was 20 min away from work when the Horkey Isis print hit the web. Luckily i called my wife and she was able to snag me one.

  48. One of the Danger drops I was using my Iphone sitting in a Mcdonalds using their Wifi to try and get it. I actually managed to get one of the 2 i was trying for which kinda blew my mind.

  49. Thanks for the reminder Steven, I totally forgot to post that Eddie print.

  50. @Steven: haha more than once I’ve had to call home and beg the girlfriend to stop what she’s doing and F5 it for an hour. She’s a good woman and the sweet scores up in our living room are proof of that :)

  51. @ironjaiden: Word.
    Anyone know for sure it will be either die hard, last crusade, or deer hunter? Olly’s got several more movie prints too.

  52. gallery’s site is slowing dooooown….
    clear indication that these will sell out pronto… ?
    aimee, i love you, but i don’t know if i can handle the stress of snatching one for you… (the charlie chaplin one hopefully).

  53. Can you buy 3 or is it a limit of 1?

  54. Yeah they’re gettin pretty slow over there. Man if it drops at 11 on the dot I might make it… cart > paypal > gold, cart > paypal > gold :)

  55. Had a feeling it wouldn’t drop at 11. man, this is getting intense.

  56. Haha well i’m off to lunch. Back in 30. *crossing fingers*

  57. My boss is going to be back from lunch probably in the next half hour. I already have things open and on my desk to make it appear I have been working instead of refreshing a page haha.

  58. I was hoping for an early drop… I work nights and need to go to sleep!

  59. they’ll do it a 12:00 PM EST… lunch time.
    or, they’ll wait til the clock hits 11:59 PM.
    damn you gallery 1988… :)

  60. This was just posted on EBeans. Do with it what you like.

    “I just talked to Gallery1988 and they said they would be updating the blog and/or sending out an email today before the sale. I also asked if it would be a websale or phone/email, and I was told most likely a web sale. I did not ask if we could buy more than 1, but wish I did.”

  61. Just got off the phone with Gallery 1988, they said it’ll drop 1 pm west coast time. Just an fyi.

  62. you know what is the only disturbing thing… is that gallery 1988 and/or olly moss are taking advantage of this situation by not letting you choose the one you really want. this is more a “net” for flippers that will resell them on ebay than for actual collectors. this is the one thing that has been bothering me for a while…

    it will suck to get the rain man poster to be honest with you…
    i only want the charlie chaplin… and it’s not even for me… gawd!!!! the injustice….

  63. countdracula is lying, I just went down to the store and they said I couldn’t pick one up in person, but that it will be available on the website around 3:15.

    screw you countdrac.

  64. not a fan of the american history x poster or the rain man, but the others are sweet.

  65. Just got off the phone with them as well b/c I am not a very trusting person haha. They did say it will go up at 1, they also said that you can purchase 2. Hope that helps everyone!

  66. Thanks countdracula…

  67. Hmmm Olly Moss prints or Joshua Budich’s Vedder print… Tough decision.

  68. What time zone pst ?

  69. Lol, nice job defending them when they end up changing their practice anyway.

  70. I’d be super bummed if I got the American History X poster, I can’t see myself hanging a shwasticka in my room. same goes with the rain man poster, it looks like a bad metal band’s logo.

  71. I don’t see why everyone dislikes the rain man poster? It’s the most thought out of all the posters he designed…

  72. not sure if anyone saw the dark knight poster, but it’s super sweet as well. very remniscent of the 90s cartoon.

  73. To Jesus:

    The Great Dictator one is not going on sale. The only ones that have been printed are Die Hard, The Deer Hunter and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

  74. I’ve got a special feeling in my pants that these won’t be one of the posters we’ve already seen. Just call it a hunch, but I think it might be something NEW. Don’t hold me to that, but I kind of hope I’m right. Nothing against all the others, i think they’re great too.

  75. i want the die hard and indiana jones so bad.

  76. Oh wait, never mind. BeepBeep seems to have the inside scoop.

  77. there should be enough of this to go around. 7 posters x 100 each = 700 total release. the main thing is to get the poster u like. i’m digging the batman and die hard

  78. I think the Rain Man poster’s fresh. Admittedly I’m hoping to score a Die Hard (if I even get one at all) but I’ll take anything out of this series. The only one I’d flip would be American History X. It’s a superb film but I don’t see my girl going for that one up in the living room, no matter the message behind it.

  79. beepbeep is a reliable source, that’s all i’ll say.

  80. waiting…

  81. Ah well if it’s a toss between Deer Hunter, Last Crusade, or Die Hard we either win, really win, or super fucking win :)

  82. I still have a special feeling in my pants.

  83. Haha @admin and BeepBeep!

    I’ve been waiting since 9am EST, and I’m finally getting that funny feeling in my pants in anticipation of a print release.

  84. When are they going up EST?

  85. beepbeep are you olly moss in disguise? :)
    do you know when the great dictator will see the light of day?

  86. I think the question is: Is Sarv “Steven D” in disguise? Those two posts, made at the same time, are creepily similar.

  87. so i guess this isn’t going up @ 1

  88. 1 PST. It’s 12 PST right now.

  89. Haha. No, I’m not Olly Moss. I just asked him on Twitter a while back if any of the Red and Black series would be printed. He said those three were already being printed. It’s possible I’m wrong, but since those three have never gone on sale anywhere else then it seems logical, particularly since the tease says only three are being released.

  90. ahh ok they didn’t state the pst part.

    thanks !

  91. @Sarve: JINX! you owe me a coke!

  92. @Olto: either that or Sarv and Steven D have a “special” connection to each others pants.

  93. Maybe he’s not reliable, but I think he’s right, haha.

  94. budich’s “eddie” is gone, gone, gone…

  95. i’ll try to get one anyway… maybe we can swap if it’s not the right one??? mystery tube as in you don’t know which one you’ll get??? or mystery tube as in nobody knows what prints will be available today (to choose)?

  96. Haha well on our way to another 100+ comment post.
    I wonder how many thousands of dollars in lost productivity at various companies Mitch and Olly have contributed to today :)

  97. Damn it! i forgot about Eddie. I was the one that mentioned it earlier! Oh well.
    @iron jaiden: I haven’t done a thing all day.

  98. This has cost AT&T some money thats for sure haha…

  99. this was posted on G1988 blog
    The Olly Moss Mystery Tubes will go on sale a little after 1 PM PT today at gallery1988.com. These will only be available online, not through phone or in-store orders. There is a 2 per household limit, and if you buy 2 – we can’t promise it won’t be the same poster twice. That’s all part of “mystery,” even to us. Good luck.

  100. new blog post. a little after 1pm pst and 2 per household limit.

  101. blog comments are the forums of the future

  102. @Steven D: You owe me a pair of pants.

  103. So, are these going to be available from the LA or San Fran page? I assume LA, but I’ve not seen that mentioned fasho anywhere.

    I’m w/ Steven, I have a hunch these are new movies…from the original blog post…”The mystery tube will cost $35 and inside the tube you will get one of three NEW screenprints from now LA native Olly Moss.”

    NEW was all caps on the original post, which led me to think like Steven

  104. Almost time. Anyone going for 2? what is that, like an 11% chance you’ll get the same one?
    @Sarv: you can have them back when i’m done.

  105. yeah im going for two, Steven D

  106. I’d go for two but I’m positive I’d get a dupe. I’m just gonna go for one and hope John McClane’s shoes are on my wall next week.

    Yippee-ki-yay OMGPosters!!!

  107. A gambler! I like it! Good luck to ya.

  108. site’s slowing down for some reason.

  109. any idea on where this will be posted on g1988?

  110. wow! super slow…

  111. @iron jaiden: What if you get a dupe of the Die Hard poster?

  112. site is slowing to a halt… good luck everyone

  113. what page are we even meant to be refreshing

  114. Phew, made it home to give it a shot…

  115. Everybody’s refreshing 3 pages, that’s part of the problem.

  116. I wonder if this is the first time they’re doing a high profile sale online. Hope their servers don’t crash… *Fingers crossed*

  117. and crash

  118. I hate the internet sometimes.

  119. instead of refreshing everyewhere, why not just do what I am doing & run a search for “Olly Moss” on the top right…it says it searched the whole store

  120. Aw cmon Cruncy, where else could you have so much excitement? Nowhere… that’s where!

  121. Just refresh the search.

  122. This is why i love poster collecting!

  123. Wow this is tough. No idea what page it’s gonna be on + their site is melting. Good luck for real.

  124. something just happened.

  125. up

  126. Life happened Steven D… Life!

  127. you know what, it’s not worth it…
    this is consumerism at its max.
    it is giving me a headache…

  128. http://nineteeneightyeight.com/index.php/catalogsearch/result/?q=olly&x=0&y=0

  129. Where are they at?

  130. Takin an hour to get into my cart

  131. on gallery 1988

  132. Under what section though

  133. new stuff

  134. Ho Hum slow servers!

  135. dead still

  136. haha sorry i was just adding to the frusturation.
    i’m waiting for the site to load like everyone

  137. Yeh I still havnt actually gotten the page with the posters on it to load…

  138. anyone checked out yet?

  139. Everything’s consumerism. I’m stimulating the economy. anybody get past add to cart yet?

  140. It’s here: http://nineteeneightyeight.com/index.php/prints-ollymoss-mysterytube.html

    Not sure if you need an account to buy something and also have to be logged in. I haven’t gotten that far yet.

  141. Watching wheels spin on 3 different monitors. ho hum.

  142. 88 must have hired Shep’s web guy for the new site design.

  143. sooo slow holy cow. this is ridiculous.


  145. 3! I’ve only got 2! Who do i need to speak to about this? Progress……Bar……is…….creeping………up.

  146. holyshit this is crazy hahaha

  147. I haven’t even got the damn site to load yet.
    this is such a damn joke they know for a fact that it’s going to crash.

    it won’t let me go to the prints section once the page is loaded is just gos back to the homepage again lol

  148. it better not sell out before i check out

  149. This reminds me of the wolfman release.

  150. come…on….PAYPALLL

  151. paypal is killin me

  152. FYI: It doesn’t say which films the prints are from. Let the speculation begin.

  153. i’m not even getting an add to cart, just add to compare. this site is stupid.

  154. @jimbo: You need to click on the Poster tube image to open up the page where you will have the ADD TO CART option

  155. jimbo: click on the title to get the full description to add to cart

  156. brb slamming head on keyboard

  157. Got the fucker in my cart and can go no farther. Yikes.
    Yeah this totally smells like a Wolfman turd! 😀

  158. this is ridiculous

  159. clicked check out, waiting for that to load! cmon!

  160. Anyone get far enough to see how much shipping is yet?

  161. Give it time. Everybody’s in the same boat. you gotta stroke it gently.

  162. shipping 15.62 for me (midwest)

  163. well the page is halfway loaded for me now lol

  164. got order confirmed by e-mail from 1988
    Good luck guys

  165. Not real happy with the how to place items in cart method.

  166. shipping is 3.50 i think. just zoomed past that. waiting on PP now.

  167. $16.56 UPS and $16.70 FedEx… Yea… Yowzaa!!

  168. my shipping to PA was 20.63

  169. success! finally got through that. painfully slow

  170. Got a confirmation. Order # 100000166. We’ll see if i get refunded.

  171. I keep clicking add to cart, but it’s not going anywhere. the page will stop loading and it will stay put. WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  172. clicked place order… come on plz

  173. got in the cart still waiting to checkout……

  174. ok, maybe i was wrong on the 3.50

  175. international shipping is $37 btw. too late to back out now but ouch

  176. is Emek running their cart system?

  177. quit re-clicking and let it play out. i never clicked twice and I am already through check out. I am not on a fast cpu either

  178. got my order email. joy joy joy

  179. “Please select a valid shipping method” …. sigh, I knew that this was going too smoothly.

  180. Clicked add to cart once and after it took ten minutes to load, it says the max number of orders is 2. hahah i’m not meant to have this poster.

  181. Looks like shipping is $14.19 to Phoenix. Waiting with baited breath for step 5 Order Review!

  182. wtf, only shipping option is fedex for me. i’m 10 mins away from the freakin’ store and pick-up is not an option.


  183. sucker is sloooooow….

  184. …. and waiting….

  185. YES just got a confirmation from paypal for -$86.70 USD. I’m in NJ and bought two. Hopefully no oversell!! Oh my god that was crazy.

  186. Just another example of how one of the simultaneously best and worst things I’ve ever done is memorized my credit card information.

  187. hahaha there’s five steps? wow, i’m going to be here all night.

  188. I;m waiting for the place order button to go through, fingers crossed.

  189. Sucks that they are charging so much for shipping. Got one. G1988’s site is still loading but paypal sent a confirmation email.

  190. “Sucks that they are charging so much for shipping. Got one. G1988’s site is still loading but paypal sent a confirmation email.”

    That is why I passed on the Nolan Ryan print in the Sports show…they wanted $20 to ship it, I didn’t buy it on principal

  191. Just got my confirmation. That was sloooooow. Good luck everyone.

  192. Holy shit the “guest account” I was using at work expired while I was waiting and closed the browser window! Haha. Of course that would happen.
    Well goons this was a fun way to waste a morning at work.
    *high fives all around*
    Hope you guys get yours for sure :)

  193. Some shipping info: Got two tubes, $15.65, FedEx ground, I live in Chicago.

  194. Still waiting on “Place Order” (long enough to read the really LOOOONNNGGG terms & conditions) but got a conf email. # 100000290 WOOHOO!

  195. card has a hold on it but the place order thing is still loading

  196. Had to go back a hit place order a second time with shipping listed in the bottom section, fingers still crossed.

  197. lmfao 35 bucks to ship to the uk, for one poster…bollocks to that

  198. Sigh, it keeps crapping out on the shipping method. Oh well… maybe it wasn’t meant to be…

  199. got it #100000319, good luck everyone!

  200. I got 2 of them. If I was going to wait through all that load time I was snagging 2 haha. Hopefully no refunds…

  201. Out of stock. Fingers crossed no refunds.

  202. Got 2 (unless there’s an oversell). If I get a duplicate I’ll check back in this thread to get it to someone who missed out.

  203. I live in Delaware and the total for 2 tubes and shipping was $90.78. Good luck to everyone else that is staring at a slowly loading browser window!

  204. 100000329

  205. WooHoo Conf # 305 :)

  206. Finally got two prints added to my cart and start checkout to find that I’d be charged $43 and change for shipping to Alaska. Ridiculous.

    Oh well, they’re out of stock now anyway.

  207. 100000333

  208. fuuuuuuuuuuuck i updated my cart and now it’s sold out

  209. Just got a paypal receipt. Ended up getting 2, only wanted 1, oh well. Looks like i might get a refund though.

  210. out of stock

  211. order number 100000249

  212. +1
    Conf# 100000248

  213. Sold out :( Stupid slow site.

  214. order #100000206

  215. Got a confirmation e-mail, yipee.

  216. hopefully 300 isnt the cutoff

  217. 100000208

  218. Sold out.

  219. wow flashbacks to the lost poster drama, so i got confirmations, any way to know whether or not it will be cancelled?

  220. yay, all 3 Steves got confirmations!

  221. Got one. The second one dropped out of my cart somehow.

  222. I bet they oversold…

  223. @Steve: Boo Yaa! Gonna wait before I celebrate though.

  224. For sale!

  225. got# 100000371, seems high

  226. @Ari Cohen: Wait and see. Thats about it.

  227. @Steve D, I agree on waiting. Also, I think I’ve posted on here as “Steve D” before and thought it was funny to see someone else posting as the same thing

  228. I am not excited to see how many of these end up on eBay.

  229. Wow, not a very organized way to sell posters. i’m glad they didn’t get my fifty dollars.

    congrats to those that got them though, it’s sure to be an awesome print. :(

  230. @Steve: That’s funny. Don’t be doing stuff to get me in trouble.

  231. got # 100000162

  232. Unless they had more than 300 for sale, they definitely oversold. The last 3 digits as far as order numbers go started at 000

  233. I got conf # 361- does seem high… stupid-ass slow server.

    Could they add any more steps to the process!?! Especially once it gets to paypal it has your address anyway.

  234. I got confirm 272, so hopefully Im good.

  235. looks like I will be getting a refund

  236. dammit, mine is 310

  237. and just like that $15,000 was made for a company that can’t even afford reliable servers.

  238. PS still a few copies of Olly’s Sonic Youth poster:


  239. I just called 1988, there was some oversell (she said not by much). They are going by time that they received payment conformation, not order #. Should know by end of day if you are getting a refund or a poster. Fingers crossed I scored one of these. . . whatever they happen to be prints.

  240. why are people posting their confirmation numbers?

  241. Anyone receive an cancelation email?

  242. Now in stock again???

  243. Thats weird it was in stock again for about two minutes

  244. not yet

  245. How the hell do you. know the digits started at 000?

  246. I don’t know why people are complainign about this sale…Yes, it was slow, but the servers held. I never hit refresh, or reloaded a page, you just had to be patient once the button showed up, click it & wait 5 minutes for the next button to show up. Perfect? no, but a damn sight better than alot of sites…

  247. still no cancellation..fingers crossed

  248. So if it goes by time of payment confirmation rather than order confirmation number , does it mean those who paid with PayPal over credit card have a better chance at not getting a refund?

  249. I used a card but the hold was put on my card immediately so i have a good feeling

  250. cancellation notices are starting to be sent out

  251. uh oh…hope I dont get one

  252. @hammertime – what time did your order go through?

  253. I just got a refund. Kind of shocked too as my confirmation number was about 150 less than the highest number I saw on here. There are going to be a lot of disappointed people.

  254. Guess i’ll find out in the a.m.

  255. Dude Steven if you end up with two on your doorstep I’ll buy whichever you don’t want… and I’ll send you a mystery surprise tube of my own! 😀

  256. 9:20 Eastern and no cancellation yet. Some with a number before mine have been cancelled but not mine

  257. Has anyone confirmed that their order was canceled due to them overselling?

  258. Mine got canceled, which is fine I guess. I mean it isn’t the first time I’ve been on the wrong side of an oversell…it DOES piss me off that I didn’t hear about for FIVE HOURS after the sale…FWIW my conf # was 305

  259. Well, that was a frustrating exercise..

    5 minutes after they went on sale I added my two tubes to my cart.. I then spent the next two hours trying to buy the damn things whilst my shopping cart was displaying the tubes as “currently not available”. Now, why was I allowed to add them to the cart if they weren’t available?!?!?! And 5 minutes after they went on sale?

    And of course, the contact page on the website didn’t work..

  260. stil no cancellation email

  261. let me know if you get a duplicate or one you don’t like…
    i did get a t.doyle today, so it feels okay after all.

    patience little grasshopper…

  262. @Iron Jaiden: No love friend, got the big F U refund. Maybe you could get with one of the other Steve’s.

  263. Someone had mentioned that they had spoken to Moss about which three were in the mystery tube and he said Deer Hunter, Die Hard, and Indy Jones. But damn, that Dark Knight one he did is awesome, hopefully that one comes out soon.

  264. I heard that someone spoke with Olly about the DK, he said it looked too much like the animated series so he would never print it.

  265. @ Steven: Really? Moss didn’t like the Dark Knight one? Damn, that’s too bad, I think it looks great.

  266. Got my shipment today (I live in LA so it was quick). I got Deer Hunter and Indiana Jones. They look beautiful. If someone gets 2 Die Hards and wants to trade let me know.

  267. Hi Mal,

    I got a Die Hard (live in the LA area too) and would love to trade for a Indiana Jones if you’re interested.


  268. I’d be willing to pay at least sixty dollars for an Indiana Jones or Die Hard poster if anyone is interested. Thanks.

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