Travel Poster Series by The Heads of State

When the Heads of State guys sent these over, I seriously just replied, “wow”.  These are some of the most irresistible pieces of design I’ve seen in awhile.  They’ve started with eight cities, each print even cooler than the last.  They are all 14″ x 24″ screenprints, have editions of 100, and are $30 each.  Visit the Heads of State Store.

26 Responses to “Travel Poster Series by The Heads of State”

  1. looking forward to an LA one. also Houston is not the 3rd biggest city, at least not in population. it goes NY, LA, Chicago, then Houston.

  2. @Matthew , Oswego New York. Upstate Arts Represent, lol.

    And to The Heads of State, I assure you good sir, while these fine cities have interesting tourist “attractions”, we have a sweet old lighthouse, amazing sunsets, and a huge f’ing power plant.

    If thats not something one would love and cherish, I need to stop doing art.


  3. boring & cheeeeeesy

  4. Detroit next. The Spirit of Detroit statue would look great.

  5. I want to see OSWEGO NY on this. I am baffled that it is not being considered. What an injustice.

  6. […] with this series of vintage-style travel posters from The Heads of State, when I spotted them on OMG Posters last week. Since then, they’ve appeared on just about every design site I frequent, and […]

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