The Hangover Movie Poster Set by PNE (Onsale Info)

Director Todd Phillips commissioned the PNE crew (Emek, Jermaine Rogers, Justin Hampton) to create movie posters for his mega-hit film, The Hangover.  The result is a set of three 20″ x 30″ screenprints with an edition of 100.  Additionally, 25 variant sets were created on foil paper.  The regular sets will be priced at $150, the foils at $200.  They go up tomorrow (Thursday, March 18th) at 12pm PST.  Visit

To see Hampton’s poster, you’ll have to go to their site, it playfully breaks our “no nudity” rule.

26 Responses to “The Hangover Movie Poster Set by PNE (Onsale Info)”

  1. It was BS trying to buy. felt like it was an Obey print. Site kept crashing on me for about 30 mins. then it said SOLD OUT. went through paypal about 5 times. this sucks.

  2. imma start calling this site “can’t get right”. horrible experience and will spend my money else where from here on out. sorry but if PNE can’t/don’t want to invest the money on a better website, then i won’t spend anything there and others should do the same. by boycotting they’ll be forced to upgrade and make it easier for us. we’re the one spending the money, and yet we’re the ones is that all about?

  3. I actually did get through, a lot of F5’s.

  4. saw on EB alot of heads didnt get through. another server bites the dust!

  5. absolutely love these prints!

  6. baker, sorry… i went to SXSW (Flatstock), did not see these prints there… Emek, Jermaine and Hampton did not have a booth set up; at least on the Flatstock side.

    I did get to meet awesome people there… Farley Pig, Mark Pedini, Luke Drozd, Jay Ryan, among other very amicable and dedicated artists. If you get a chance you should pay Flatstock a visit (next year); truly amazing people… it is nice to connect the art with the designers.

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