“The Hangover” Poster Set by PNE

Thought I’d better get these up over the weekend so that your boss doesn’t catch boobies on your screen during the week.  Director Todd Phillips commissioned the PNE crew (Emek, Jermaine Rogers, Justin Hampton) to create movie posters for his mega-hit film, The Hangover.  The result is a set of three 20″ x 30″ screenprints with an edition of 100.  Additionally, 25 variant sets were created on foil paper.  These will go up sometime next week.  To keep up on the release date/time, sign up for the email list at PNE3.com.

9 Responses to ““The Hangover” Poster Set by PNE”

  1. The fist one looks like a wannabe (and poor) Stout poster.

  2. Why? Cause it has a giant head on it? Looks like Emek to me.

  3. Looks like Emek trying to do Stout.
    I won’t deny Emek’s talent, but this layout just isn’t working.
    And for christ’s sake please figure out a new font!
    As for the rest.. meh. If you love you some Hangover these might be amazing.
    Good luck to anyone trying to score. There is no shortage of brain damaged frat boys with unlimited funds trolling eBay for “sick ass posterz”. These should fetch a pretty penny on the flip. 🙂

  4. Ps. Who the fuck is Todd Phillips???
    Ohhh.. you mean the guy who directed Road Trip and Starsky & Hutch? Right on.
    Hey Todd, you don’t get to call something a “Todd Phillips Movie” until that phrase actually means any goddamn thing.

    “From the Director of What Happens in Vegas comes… Extraordinary Measures… A Tom Vaughan film”

  5. Todd Phillips also did Old School…just sayin’ just cause you have no idea who he is/was does not mean the rest of the world or at least fans of his movies don’t.

  6. if i made a movie you can be damn sure it would have my name on it too. stout is my fav artist right now, but im loving these prints. the layout works for me, and im sure it will work for many other people as well.

  7. easy pass. just not feeling it.

  8. @Greg: I kinda meant that with a wink and a smile and a nudge and a shrug and a golf clap and a thumb up my butt all at the same time. Just thought it was funny that one of the stipulations in this series is the required text “a Todd Phillips movie”. Stanley Kubrick barely did that and he was STANLEY KUBRICK! 🙂

  9. Everybody wants to be important.

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