“Compassion (His Holiness The Dalai Lama)” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)

Well this is definitely my favorite Shepard Fairey print of 2010 so far, that much is certain.  Celebrating the 75th birthday of The Dalai Lama, “Compassion (His Holiness The Dalai Lama)” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 500, and will be $60.  The proceeds will be split between The Tibet House and LA Friends of Tibet.  It goes up today (Wednesday, March 10th) at a random time.  Keep your eyes on ObeyGiant.com.

42 Responses to ““Compassion (His Holiness The Dalai Lama)” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)”

  1. Sweet print! The man deserves credit when he (finally) delievers. Good to see Shep back on the right track.

  2. Now THIS is hot. Look at the depth of textures and patterns in the background. Why can’t all his prints look like this? If I had to poo-poo the print (Fairey habits are hard to break) I would say that the bird by his lips is trite and unnecessary. $60 for a good cause. THANK GOODNESS he didn’t give this assignment to the idiot intern responsible for the Paul Watson print.

  3. This is a cool print. I love the textures and subject matter, but why not bump up the edition size on this one since it’s for a good cause? They could easily sell 750 or maybe a 1000 of the print. Just griping before the inevitable complaints of a crappy server at Obey start up.

  4. improvement……

  5. bet it sells out faster than your brain can say to your finger, F5!!! ;]

  6. How about that, a Fairey I would actually keep.

  7. Well it won’t go on sale before 9AM CA time. So I have at least 2 hours left here in NY to get some work done.

  8. about time.

  9. I should skip work today . . .

    He chose a great man for this one.

  10. Amazing, first Shep print in ages I really like.


  12. Nice to see he can put some good shit out still.

  13. is the giant forum down?

  14. 1:05pm EST.
    It’s up. Bought. Done.

  15. … and just like that it’s gone.

  16. Got one!

  17. Added to cart successfully, couldn’t check out because it’s gone already. Fuck. Guess I’ll let it go, don’t feel like paying quadruple the price on eBay.

  18. i had one in my cart and was checking out, it disappeared. i like this print and have never waited (or wanted) to get a obey print, i’m extremely pi$$ed off, and will never ever….ever ever ever, try again.

    cheers to one good print out of ten. i’m sure he’ll disappoint everyone all too soon.


  19. Don’t cwy Isaac, it’ll be awight!

  20. +1 on my last day of college…nice graduation gift I’d say!

  21. ill never understand it…….how does one get lucky to buy one of these? do you have to have like 4x T1 lines bundled up to be fast enough to get one? im sure it has to do with the rule of ONE PER CUSTY not being applied to his sales?

  22. i think that there is some backdoor/trick to this… i remember reading about it in a recent blog post. You can buy the print before it shows up in the online store.

  23. This sale was 1 per customer just like the rest of OG’s limited prints. No backdoor trick, you just have to be quick with the F5. Today was an easy day, print was up for a while.

  24. No backdoor tricks or anything. You just need to be quick. I just happened to be checking when it appeared and was through checkout in seconds.

  25. I agree with Tom W. It’s mostly luck, IMO, to be checking the site the exact moment the print goes on sale. I happened to get lucky today but have missed out several times in the past…

  26. Sometimes you just have to trust your gut feeling.
    Today is Tibetan Independence day.
    I figured someone would think about dropping the print today March 10th between 10am and 10:10am
    I got mine at 10:09 am. I know it’s a stretch but it worked.

  27. Gutted, made a cup of tea this morning (NZ) and missed it. Only the second Fairey print I’ve been interested in :(

  28. I got one and I’m actually on a pretty slow connection here at the office. You just need a little patience and common sense.

    What day is a no-brainer. The day is listed right there on the site.

    Fairey is west coast, so first and foremost go by his timezone. He’s not gonna rush to the shop at 9am PST on the dot to upload a sale. Wait until everyone is at work and not in transit. I figured 10am PST (1:00pm EST) was a nice logical time to start refreshing like crazy.

    10:01-10:05 PST, Boom. It’s up. 2 clicks. Log onto Paypal. Confirm. Done. It took 30 seconds for me from the time I saw it went Live.

    Unless he was a dick, he wouldn’t upload the sale after 2pm PST because that’s the end of the workday (5:00pm) on the east coast and people are packing up to go home.

    So 10am – 2pm PST is a 4 hour window of time. Upload at 10. Count the money by 11. Go out to lunch by 12 :) Done.

    No voodoo involved.

  29. I was on the site the minute it went up, i have a good computer (apple) and a good connection and still didn’t get one. So the “common sense” is, f*it, no artist is worth the aggravation, well at least one that I have openly bashed on this site for the garbage he’s been making.

    On the other side of the coin, the Mahfood image on Nakatomi is rad. I think they deserve my money more anyway.

  30. It’s quite obvious Fairey hates you. He personally took it out of your shopping cart to F** with you. Oh well.

  31. Almost got 2! Just a little too slow.

  32. It’s true. Any time you don’t get something you want it’s usually because everyone else is using some sort of sorcery to keep your smile turned upside down.

    Babies crying brothers dying and brothers getting knocked
    Shit is deep on the block and shep’s got you locked down
    in this cooold, cold world…

  33. …i sat on the submit order page for about 1-2 minutes waiting for it to sh1t the bed on me…but it didn’t…so i was LUCKY!!! No tricks or gimmocks…just refreshing and clicking fast as i could.

  34. looks great in print – compared to the last few, not as nice as arab woman gold etc

  35. I SLEPT HARD… kicking myself in da butt.

  36. … not too piss on your parade, through it looks great… Im not into reppin dalai lama on my wall. Just not the look im going for.

    Hope ya’ll enjoy.

  37. @ Iron Jaiden…GZA FTW!!! ;]

  38. I have one for trade, if anyone is interested….

  39. Daddy Welfare, whats the look you’re going for?

    A little Dalai lama love on the wall could do wonders for you. The ladies will love the fact that your all about peace. Plus I have a feeling this one will skyriocket in value. Could help the welfare situation. It seriously beats Andres’ played out fat grill all over the wall.

  40. Congratulations, you can take a photo and turn it into a silkscreen. You definitely should be a millionaire.

  41. dinker – how can i contact u 4 trade info?

  42. really? why do people want this so bad.

    i dont think of any situation where displaying this in a home would be valued or good to show guests….

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