“The Greatest Moments In Sports” at Gallery 1988 (Online Preview Link)

The preview list for “The Greatest Moments In Sports” at Gallery 1988 has gone live.  There are a ton of really amazing (in my opinion, at least) prints available, so take a moment to check them all out.  It was an honor working on this.  Remember, if you’re in LA, the show is tonight!!  Visit the preview link HERE.

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  1. these are awesome. i esp love the Jesse Owens print and the Nolan Ryan punch-out. Bravo fellas!!! Shepard F. could take a lesson here, seen?!!

  2. Some amazing stuff there!!

  3. Wow. Olly Moss nails it. And Kevin Tong,,, you gotta love the guy. LOL

  4. i just sent them an email, i hope the Danger and Stout prints are still up for sale.

  5. I got to see the Hero print recently and it broke my heart again. Love that is what they decided to use however. Every person in Buffalo feels that pain still.

  6. I was really looking forward to this exhibit….respect to the artists but I don’t see anything that will end up on my wall. Nothing having to do with the Red Sox would ever hang.

  7. I love the concept for the Nazi Olympics print, but aren’t the boot-like prints a little weird?

  8. For anyone curious, I just emailed Jensen about the Fenway print. They’re out of what they had available for preview, at least the un-cut pre-order which is what I was after. So if you’re not there in person it might be a tough get until Danger’s sale. Unless, of course, G1998 has some left over after tonight.

    The Nolan Ryan one is fantastic.

  9. Some really great prints! I’m not as much of a sports fan, but the Olly Moss is probably one of my favorite so far from 2010. Especially when it comes to greatest moments. John Vogl’s print is stunning.

  10. Just sent in the email for Olly Moss and Lil Tuffy’s prints. I hope I sent the cash in time!

  11. The Dude…

  12. The Nolan Ryan Print looks amazing!

  13. Sad I’m in class and can’t go to this event. The Punchgut is my favorite.

  14. Darn no luck with the Olly Moss, Its so great.

  15. Swing and a miss on Danger (what else is new?), but I was glad to get the Four Horsemen.

  16. The Manny Pacquiao poster is sick! PACMAN Power!

  17. Mitch I want that Olly Moss help me out, that print is amazing!

  18. I emailed 1988 less than 15 minutes after your post went up, and didn’t get a response until late evening the next day, informing me that the print was sold out.
    Way to blow off my email and make a die hard Red Sox fan miss out on a Fenway print, when people on EB already have it listed to sell or trade.

  19. Evan, the gallery got a TON of emails right at that time. They were answered first come, first served. Those sold out quickly.

  20. Got the Nolan print, can’t wait to see it. I was at the game where the brawl happened at the young age of 10, this will be going on a wall somewhere in the house. Nolan is/was the man.

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