New Obey Giant Offset Prints by Shepard Fairey

Have you ever wanted 7 feet of Andre face on your wall?  Shepard Fairey has released a new version of his “3 Face” print set.  This new version includes three 24″ x 28.7″ offset prints on cream paper.  The set is signed, has an open edition, and costs $50.  Visit

14 Responses to “New Obey Giant Offset Prints by Shepard Fairey”

  1. This is just sad anymore, with Shepard Fairey and Obey.

    He has just given up. He has not spark anymore.

    What? Did he actually think, the masses would run out and buy this worthless, open edition, because it is on CREME PAPER??!!??!???

    He could not come up with a new image, of any sort?

    ANYTHING? Hell… maybe Andre with his eyes closed?



  3. If you had the ability to print money, wouldn’t you do it? Folks want to pay $50 for a 3-piece signed set of an iconic Obey image, seems like buyer and seller have a nice way to make a deal. So be it . . .

  4. This is junk! What happened to Shepard?

  5. Print of the year??? Hardly….

  6. it’s what he does… you people are spoiled …you want a friggin Peace Tree every week…. be happy when the good stuff comes along…. one of these days it will all be over with and this 3 piece creme open edition that nobody bought could leave you saying “damn I could have bought that when it was merely $50”
    I can’t think of a better example of an open edition that is selling better than 2x original price than the “This is Your God” stuff that nobody wanted….
    All smiles

  7. I think banksy, mbw and shepard should hang up the gloves. Time to give somebody else a chance to make some $$$$$.

  8. Spoiled? That’s a damn near insane way of looking at things.

    “Stop complaining about rotten fruit at the grocery store! Sure fresh fruit is completely available and costs the same or less than the rotten stuff but you should just be happy when the fresh fruit comes along at all!”

    Neh. This fucker’s lazy because the market allows him to be. It’s a goddamn twenty year old stencil scooted down a couple pixels in illustrator. You guys want this one? I’ll sell you the exact same print in any color combo you want for $10 less. Hell I’ll even ship it free!
    That gives me an idea. I’m gonna go see if is available and setup shop 🙂

    Expect more and you’ll get more.

  9. lol. Iron Jaiden RULZ.

  10. Whatever the market will bear, whatever the market will bear.

  11. If you don’t like it don’t buy it. If someone else want’s to spend their money on it, so be it. Considering how much money people make flipping his stuff he’s probably right to raise his prices.

  12. Poor Andrea can Shep just let him RIP instead of having to continuely exploit him.

  13. @iron jaiden

    god you guys are pansies – basically the dude sticks to what he’s always done – he’s an artist not an inovator – he’s developed a style that is recognized and apreciated (otherwise it wouldnt be selling) – it would be a stupid stupid thing to move on from it – both in terms of legacy / consistency and financially

    i’m not defending him – but i have nothing against consistency especially its gotten damn near iconic status – wether you like it or not

    he appropriated propgaganda shit 10 years ago – and he still does that today with confidence so there must be something there – dated .. perhaps … untrue .. not at all

  14. boring a$$ dribble once again.

    glad I quite collecting his crap years ago.

    OMG comments are ALWAYS good for a few laughs though!!!!

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