Nate’s Pick #1: Art Prints by Geninne

I’d like to introduce you to a new little column we are putting together.  Print artist Nate Duval is very tapped into the “craft” scene, as he does a good portion of his business on Etsy and at regional craft fairs.  Through these activities, he has met a number of outstanding artists that we probably wouldn’t normally come across, and he has offered to share some of their work with everyone.  First up is an Etsy artist named Geninne.  She has a ton of beautiful, limited edition giclees available at very reasonable prices.  Take a minute to check out her Etsy Shop.

Watch for many more of “Nate’s Picks” in the near future!

4 Responses to “Nate’s Pick #1: Art Prints by Geninne”

  1. great new feature. so much talent out there, but hard to sift thru Etsy at times…..

  2. I love the last one! so cute. would look nice in an ornate frame 🙂

  3. This artist is incredible! I want an original – wow!

  4. I love the idea of the column, Its really true, theres tons of talent on there, its just hard to find it all!

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