Ken Taylor’s T2 Poster (Onsale Info)

The Alamo Drafthouse will release this insane T2 poster by Ken Taylor today.  It’s a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 120, and will be $40.  It goes up today (Friday, February 26th) at 11am CST.  Visit

Click the image for a larger view:

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  1. That was insane – I had it in my cart, I was at the check out phase, and then it just wouldn’t complete. Peace out poster!

  2. According to the mondotee’s twitter page, they over sold these.

  3. wow. the over sold them. as tim and eric would say “Great Job, you blew it…”

  4. Heh seriously man like I understand high profile drops and all that. I’m more than happy to take my chances during a click-fest but Mondo is pretty painful these days.
    Here’s the solution (stolen from Tyler Stout):

    1) setup a mailing list
    2) announce high profile drops to said mailing list
    3) at a predetermined time send out a fun “quiz” relating to the drop (T-2 in this case) to your mailing list.
    4) first 120 (or however many prints are available) correct responses get to purchase the print and are sent a link to do so.
    5) profit!

    That’s it. Nice and fair, no overselling, no melted websites, everyone is happy.

    Consider it 🙂

  5. But those e-mails never go out at the same time. I remember for Tyler Stout’s LOST poster, I didn’t get the e-mail until about four minutes after the time he said. A lot of people had the same problem. But I don’t know what’s been up with Mondo’s site the last few times. They never really had these problems before.

  6. Selling a handful of prints that way would be no problem.

    Imagine the pain of having to check each email individually to confirm answers, keeping track of everyone’s shipping address, CC / Paypal information, whether or not they paid. Imagine doing that for a couple hundred.

    Too much work.

  7. or…..learn to count correctly. ;]

  8. give it time guys. this is the second sell on this site. theyll learn as they go along. its a fucking store in a movie theater. this isnt a corporation. if you dont want to try for it and want to think of these amazing ideas that can be done to avoid it, stay asleep and dont even bother trying

  9. @aric: yeah I suppose it’d be some effort. Not quite as laborious as you’d think but I’m sure it ain’t gonna happen either way.
    I just get a hard-on for efficiency and go limp when stuff doesn’t work.
    Got nothin but love for Mondo though.
    I’m not even really bummed I missed out on this one. I was one of the lucky few who got in on the Daniel Danger Wolfman print last time around so this is like cosmic balance. 🙂

  10. I need your coat, your boots, and your motorcycle

  11. @joe: while your comment was a little confusing I think I get the idea. I’m pretty sure everyone tried for it dude. Trust me missing a drop this sweet ain’t from lack of trying. I don’t even think anyone’s really pissed or anything.
    As far as “thinking of these amazing ideas” it’s just ideas man. Justin’s a regular dude and pretty open to feedback, dig?

  12. @iron..nah man i feel you. Just saying, everyone here has ideas on how Justin should really do it and to be honest, I personally am not for a special quiz on a movie. Just because Im very into Stouts work, I am not a fan of the Warriors film. Thought ti was very overrated. Granted, I did buy one because Stout made it.

  13. @ Joe I dont mean any malice against Mondo either. I am a new FAN of their site (about 6 months or so). Once i saw the fiasco that went down with the Daniel Danger and the other wolfman print, i was hopeful that they switched to a more efficient server. counting stock in a fucking movie theather’s store, to know what you have LEFT to sell the rest of us non texans, VS. the site being bogged down by all the F5 “tomcats” out there are 2 separate issues, aren’t they? in the end, BIG UP MONDO, I LOVE THEE!!!!!!

  14. They didn’t oversell because of bad counting, the website sold more than were put in inventory.

    I believe they will go back to the drawing board, keep looking for a website solution that works under heavy traffic. Especially with some of the massive things that are coming.

  15. Hey everyone-

    Thanks for making this a great sale. We’re still working on the site. Some people have trouble with it, some don’t, but we’re copy/ pasting each problem and sending it directly to the web guys so they can work on it for next time. Just wanted you all to know that we’re listening.

    @Jennifer C- I’ve had some other people emailing me about this and I’ve forwarded it onto the web guys. Sorry about that.



  16. Thanks Justin! It’s cool – I think it had to do with paypal. Others who said they used credit cards had a better time.

  17. I got through fine with Paypal. Worked fine on the Wolfman sale too. It was slow, real slow, but once i got in the door things went smooth. Slow, but smooth. When a site gets hammered like that it’s expected. Great job guys.

  18. I used paypal and it worked fine, slow, but fine. But I think I was one of the first in and out, so that might be part of why I didn’t have as many problems.

  19. Justin
    I emailed u guys a couple times regarding order #1595. for some reason i don’t see it on my account history. Please confirm my order!!!


  20. Damn, looks like I missed out on this poster. I really wanted it 🙁

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