Pin-Up Art Print Set by Rafa Jenn

Here is a beautiful new set of art prints by Rafa Jenn.  Unfortunately, I can’t show them in all of their glory on a workday (I know many of you are office rats), but trust me, they are great.  The set includes six 9″ x 9″ giclees, has a tiny edition of 24, and is $199.  Visit

Due to our “no nudity on weekdays” policy, these have been heavily cropped.  Be sure to check them out in full at the site.

4 Responses to “Pin-Up Art Print Set by Rafa Jenn”

  1. Can get a little pricey, but I dig his work.

  2. exactly, i prob would by most of his work if wasnt a bit pricey, not too bad price-wise, but a teeny bit high

  3. I wish you could buy these individually. I also wish that I could actually buy one without pissing off the wife 🙂

  4. Well, $33.33 for a print isn’t all that bad… But where the heck would I hang 6 nude/semi-nude ladies? It’s a little much. I’d have gone for 3.

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