Anatomical Art Print Series by Stuntkid

Big thanks to Creep Machine for the heads up on these.  Jason Levesque aka Stuntkid just released a set of three prints in his new “Anatomical” series.  “Scar”, “Apnea”, and “Asphyxia” are all 12″ x 12″ giclees, have editions of 50, and are $40 each (or $100 for all three).  Visit

4 Responses to “Anatomical Art Print Series by Stuntkid”

  1. gotta say.. I really dig these. Something about their expressions.. Coupled with the fact that u can see their skeletal structure… Eerie and beautiful.. Two thumbs up!!

  2. I’m jealous. Such a great idea and very well-drawn!

  3. his work is amazing. he’s the only vector artist i think is worth a damn. beautiful color and pinpoint line work. dope.

    thanks for sharing!

    also also takes amazing ref shots, he’s a great photographer too…..

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