Happy 3rd Birthday To OMGPosters!!!

I just realized that OMGPosters turned three years old this month, pretty hard to believe.  What started as a little site for my friends to look at has turned into over 5,000 daily readers and almost 4,000 posts.  In honor of this joyous occasion, I’m taking the day off (ok, so maybe the lack of big news today has something to do with it too).  Again, I can’t thank you folks enough for reading every day, it truly means a lot.  Here’s to another three years.  Cheers!

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  1. congrats mitch!! great job over the 3 years!!

  2. Congrats and Happy Birthday ! Well done !

  3. Happy Birthday OMG!!! Great work Mitch!!!

  4. Thanks for giving us our fix Mitch, Concrats

  5. Congratulations!!!

  6. Happy Birthday.. looking forward to the next three years!

  7. Happy birthday and Keep up the good work.

  8. Only 3 years? I’ve been following you for over 2 years now… Well, congratulations! Keep up the good work, I continue to follow you.

  9. Thank you and congratulation from France

  10. Many thanks to you! Happy Birthday OMGP!

  11. happy happy….thanks for causing me to spend money unwisely!

  12. Congrats on turning three! We appreciate everything you do for us and the poster scene.

  13. Big Thanks and congratulations, on one of the best Art Print sites out there, been able to purchase some amazing stuff and introduce us to some amazing art

  14. Congratulations Mitch!

  15. Thank you for everything you do, Mitch. You are the number one reason I became and still am so deeply immersed in the print scene. Before you, I was ignorant to effectively every print artist or online dealer outside J. Bannon and Deathwish, Inc. I owe you a great deal of thanks.

  16. Thanks so much for the three years of hard work. OMG posters has definitely been a boom for me and all my poster buddies.

  17. how much do you make off of us?

  18. Happy birthday OMG Posters!!! Thanks for the great site Mitch! I spend way more time on your site than I do on EB 😉

  19. Congratulations! Thanks for putting together a GREAT site.

  20. Congrats Mitch!

  21. Happy Birthday and many more!!! I really dig this site!

    respect from Virginia!!

  22. Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!

  23. Congrats Mitch!

  24. Congrats Mitch!

    Looking forward to many more years.

  25. Congrats Mitch!
    Amazing work, can’t believe it’s 3 years already….

  26. congrats. keep on trucking.

  27. Yours is the first site I hit in the mornings Mitch. Congrats on your anniversary!

  28. I like this site enough to not mind being bombarded by 50+ paid sponsor banners. I understand your need to not bite the hand that feeds you but, don’t be afraid to express a negative personal opinion or two in the coming year. +/- opinions keep this site “real”.

  29. I like to mix it up a bit, here or ebeans as my first stop. It may not always be gold, but at least you’re on the podium. Congrats!

  30. Omg mitch…congrats! Told you as much the other day, but your unwavering love and support of arts and the artists means so much, and is totally contagious. Yr the best.

  31. congrats Mitch. And thanks for all your hard work.

  32. Congrats Mitch! Keep up the good work….just lose the Jetset Graffiti ad.

  33. Happy B-Day, er Month, OMG!

  34. I´m new here, but happy birthday (Muitos Parabéns…) from Portugal!

  35. That’s awesome, Mitch! Congrats!!

    OMGPosters.com is a daily stop on my thread of Web site visits. You’ve got a great site, man!!

  36. Holy Crap – Three years already !
    Happy B day Mitch.

    Here’s to another 10 !

  37. Congrats! You put so much work into this site and it really shows…enjoy the day off!

  38. Mitch, this site is the hot hot sex. An international daily pit stop for freshness. I always come here first, then EB.

    As for negativity occasionally – I think it’s pretty clear when you don’t like stuff.

    avoid the clap,


  39. Happy B-day OMG! Thanks for all your work Mitch.

  40. Thanks Mitch! It’s been a great 3 years and counting . . .


  41. Thanks for fueling my new addiction. Keep up the good work.

  42. Cheers and congrats, Happy Birthday!

  43. Thanks Mitch! Here’s to another 3 year!

  44. Thanks for all your hard work over the years, your site is a rich source of info for all us art, print, poster and toy collectors. After finding your site two years ago I have been visiting it daily and soaking in the artists I like and the new ones I learn about. Soooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY to OMG!!!

  45. What’s the traditional gift for the 3rd anniversary? It’s bacon, right? Tell me it’s bacon. mmmmmm. fried pork.


  46. Great site! Thanks for keeping it up!

  47. Great work!
    Great Site!
    Great Lakes!

  48. Wow 3 years already!! Congrats and thanks for everything, this site, the info for new prints, the great comments by all visitors, the work you put in it. Thanks!

  49. Happy 3rd Birthday! Keep up the great work!

  50. Congrats! You deserve praise, thanks for bringing news of the best of the best to us all!


  52. Happy Birthday OMG!!!

  53. Happy Birthday OMG
    Thanks Mitch-
    Nothing better than a ‘cup of joe’ and ‘ink & paper’ to start the day!

  54. HBD OMG!

  55. congrats mitch. dude, is that cake made out of clay?

  56. Hartelijk gefeliciteerd met jullie verjaardag, ga zo door!

    Groeten uit Amsterdam!

  57. Mitch,

    Happy Birthday OMG, Thanks for a fantastic job…cheers….

  58. Cheers, have a pint! I’ll got one right here for you, with bacon fries too.

  59. Congrats, Mister Mitch, thank you for doing all you do do.

  60. Happy B-Day OMG Posters – hope you get a pony.

    Congrats Mitch – keep it up!

  61. Congrats…it has been awesome to see what this site has become & I can’t wait to see where it is at in another 3!

  62. Congratulations OMGPosters! Thanks for everything Mitch.

  63. Ah, it seems like just yesterday that you were cuddled up in your mommy’s arms, crying your little eyes out. Oh wait…that was yesterday!

    Congrats on the three years!

  64. nice one Mitch !!!!

  65. I for one am glad you have been keeping this up for 3 years. Since I have found this site I have made several purchases which have added quite a bit of character to my home. I will keeping reading if you keep posting, keep up the good work.

  66. Happy 3rd OMG!!!

  67. Congrats, Mitch!!!

  68. Hey Mitch – happy birthday for OMG – Its been super great working with you – awesome dude , awesome website!

  69. Good going, it’s become a staple!




  71. Happy Birthday and thanks for a great website!!!
    You have opened my eyes to a lot of new artists…

  72. Truely working wonders for the poster industry…. Keep it up!

  73. Happy Bday Oldie McOlderson. Love you!

  74. Congrats, definitely a site I check on several times a day. Thanks

  75. My walls say “thank you”

  76. screw you mitch!

  77. Congrats and thanks for exposing all of us to some great new artists, as well as keeping us up to date on the big ones.

  78. keep on keepin’ on – you are one of my all time favourite blogs and my walls would look bare without you being there!

  79. Congrats, this website has really inspired me to become more interested in art in general. Keep it up

  80. Congrats Mitch, happy birthday to OMG from Denmark!
    I visit your site daily – please do keep up the good work:-)

  81. Thank you for your hard work on this site. Happy Birthday from Iowa.

  82. Hey ! Congrats ! Such a great blog, thank you ! : )

  83. thanks again Mitch. this site is awesome and i check it almost everyday. Keep up the great work.

  84. Congrats Mitch, this site rules!

    BTW – the image for this evening Tiny Showcase print is up here: http://yellena.com/blog/

  85. Happy Birthday OMG! i know your site since a year i think. but now i look every day iam on the computer some minutes for your news… mitch – thanks for your work!

  86. Happy birthday! heres to another 3 years x 10!

    Great site and its a daily read.

    (even tho this is a day late)

  87. Thanks Mitch and keep up the good work!

  88. Congrats and keep up the great work!

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