Shepard Fairey Hitting The Streets In Cincinnati

In conjunction with his upcoming retrospective show in Cincinnati, Shepard Fairey was out bombing the streets.  Thanks to photographer Chris Breeden for the pictures of Fairey doing his thing outside of Arnold’s.  I’m always amazed by how much better his stuff looks on the street.  Enjoy!

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  1. Admin: “I’m always amazed by how much better his stuff looks on the street.”

    It looks better because Fairey “finished” the image with a patterned background of Giant logos instead of the original lazy solid red. The texture of the brick coming through adds another level of interest to the image as well. The porcelain smooth skin turning cracked (because of the sun?). Hah. Nice TOTALLY UNINTENTIONAL effect and i give Fairey no credit for that. What’s that on her neck? A hickey? Unfortunate place for a tear/stain on the paper. It detracts.

    This street installation makes the original print look half-assed.

  2. cool ..

    looks like a staged shoot to convince us he is still “street” .. in the day, on a legal wall with assistants ! ..

    i liked the old OBEY ..

  3. maybe he wants to not go to jail on the night of his opening !


  4. bring street art back to the streets!!!

  5. From what I understand, there were nearly a dozen locations in Cincy and right across the river in Ky that had given him permission to “bomb”…ur, uh, I mean put up some work. Maybe these pics are from one such location. Hope to see others around the city and yes, i agree, his work looks much better outside….proportion, texture, etc.

  6. Of course an artist always considers his medium when creating. Detractors are rarely creators. Everyone likes the old stuff “before they sold out.” Luckily, this artists main intention is to participate in democracy, not impress armchair art-critics. Maybe one day we can all have assistants, provided we have something to contribute and be assisted with. Boo-ya. Cant wait to see this piece.

  7. Your right – The initial image bored me but on this wall the color, size and surroundings makes it look stunning.

    Maybe he should reverse his process and street bomb first and then sell via his store.

    He looks as if he’s having fun so good for him !

  8. Shep is actually doing some of the work too! wow.

    Ive seen two separate times the obey team has put up public pieces and both time his team did 99% of the work.

    must be because of the photographer being there.

    And the image does suck, always has.

  9. does look better than just a wall though. This gives examples of how easy this process actually is. More people/artists should get involved.

  10. I saw three of them last night, including 2 up close. They are awesome blended in with the surroundings. One was even cut around some window-ledge decor on the side of the building.

    It was also cool to see the street art being appreciated by people on the street. Some are in rougher areas of town and it was cool to see kids who probably having no idea who Fairey is checking them out.

    BTW, all locations were submitted to the gallery for consideration for Fairey to put something up.

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  12. “BigGhost, on February 19th, 2010 at 9:46 am Said:
    Luckily, this artists main intention is to participate in democracy”

    I hope you don’t believe that. He wants to get paid. Period. Vaguely revolutionary sentiments in stencil form are working for him, so, that’s why you see a new print every week. Tell me, please, how “Ornate Fabric Pattern” and its ilk do anything to advance anything beyond Fairey himself.

  13. The Obey clothing line … advancing democracy one belt buckle at a time.

  14. It is awesome that he is doing this in Cincinatti! He said that he is coming back here in may when its warm because 60 buisnesses want art up on there walls. If hes to the point now that he doesnt have to “bomb” walls illegally and can do it with out the worry of pigs taking him down whats wrong with that? He probably had other people doing his work before so he didnt get locked up. Its allot easier for him to have other people do it and him bail them out of jail then him getting locked up himself. Hes not charging people to put his stuff up on their walls and if the same thing was in a gallery it would cost thousands of dollars. I was at the opening last night and hes a really nice guy. He did a dj set for 2 hrs longer than he was supposed to because everyone was having a good time. He even took time to talk to people while in the process of DJing. Good for him that hes to the point that he doesnt have to run from pigs!!! Way to go!!

  15. drove by a Commanda installation this morning near Findlay Market. I agree that these look so much better on the walls…

  16. what’s more pathetic than Shep’s often tired work, is how fast the Trolls are to jump on here and gossip about how much of a lame, sellout he is…

  17. If you are curious about the process: I shot of video of Fairey when he was in Pittsburgh.

  18. passed one of the posters over on E.3rd today and it made me smile.

    hate yourself blue, kids!

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