James Jean’s “Dive” Art Print from Pressure Printing

This is some mind-blowing work.  I’m not really in the market for many $2,000 prints, but if I were, this would be at the top of my list.  Three years in the making, Pressure Printing has teamed up with James Jean to create one of their largest prints yet.  “Dive” is a 23″ x 36″ intaglio print, has an edition of 15, and is $2,000.  Get more info at the Pressure Printing Blog.

Click the first image to view larger:

10 Responses to “James Jean’s “Dive” Art Print from Pressure Printing”

  1. The astronaut is a little weird but this looks stunning!

  2. Really great, but who is gonna spend 2,000 on a print?

    Economical fail.

  3. This is just fantastic. Amazing work.

  4. Looks sweet but who the hell would buy this for that?

  5. Celebs are into him. Maybe they will buy these.

  6. Awesome.

  7. wow, this print is amazing!

  8. I wish there was no flag waving astronaut. At least make him a bell diver or something. Any insight?

  9. This print is for a different market. They will sell. Price is reasonable considering the artist, size of the print and edition size IMO.

  10. damn!

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