“Sexy Mod 1” Art Print by Lindsey Kuhn (Plus His New Book)

I have decided to post a couple of things this weekend that I considered more risqé than the normal workday content, but still deserving of your attention.  Lindsey Kuhn’s “Sexy Mod 1″ is a 12″ x 36” screenprint, has an edition of 50, and will be $40.  It goes up today (Sunday, February 14th) at a random time.  Visit Swampco.com.

Additionally, I was lucky enough to receive a copy of Kuhn’s new book, “Lure of the Swamp”, to review.  It’s 100 pages are jam-packed with full-color reproductions of posters from Lindsey’s long, productive 26-year career.  The pictures are interspersed with a feature-length interview, and it also includes short essays by Malleus, Frank Kozik, Pushead, and more.  The softcover edition that I received comes with an 8.5″ x 11″ screenprint, and is only $24.95.  There is also a hardcover edition with a screenprinted cover and a tiny edition of 57 for $45.95.  Get both at Swampco.com.

7 Responses to ““Sexy Mod 1” Art Print by Lindsey Kuhn (Plus His New Book)”

  1. that print is complete and utter shit.looks like something you buy at hot topic…

  2. that may be, but that book looks dope.

  3. This is risque? What is this the 50’s???? It’s like an episode of “This week in unnecessary censorship”. The print is shit too.

  4. Some of you should tell us how you really feel. ; ) The print isn’t that bad, but I’ll agree that it is not risque. I think some people are so uptight nowadays about ANYTHING remotely sexual.

  5. By risqe I only meant “something you might not want your boss to see over your shoulder”. I try to keep the site workplace friendly on the weekdays. This may be fine for some offices, but surely there are some that would raise an eyebrow.

  6. @KNEEL13:nobody said there’s anything wrong with sexual imagery,i just think the print looks like a bad jerk off image for pierced and tattooed 16 year olds….thats all.the main problem is the boots she is wearing.

  7. Mitch is such a prude.

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