“Octolady” Art Print by Beth Dean

Daniel Danger gave me a tip about a really cool new art print his friend made.  “Octolady” by Beth Dean is a 13″ x 19″ screenprint, has an edition of 50, and is $25.  Visit the Black Forest Shop.

15 Responses to ““Octolady” Art Print by Beth Dean”

  1. Coop much?

  2. oooo! Burn! ;]

  3. not really coopish at all, youre just seeing boobs. this is beths first print, and i think its a pretty darn impressive first foot out the gate. yay beth!

  4. Those eels look badass. Great first print.

  5. Firstly, thanks for letting me know what I am seeing. Why yes, I am seeing a fat chick with boobs. Guess what? That is one of Coops main themes. Not to mention the monster tentacle aspect and the devilishly appropriate pentagrams. The illustration resembles some of Coops earlier work right down to the shading. Secondly, I never said it wasn’t an impressive first print. It’s nice you feel the need to protect your friend, but seriously…look at some Coop stuff.

  6. I like this a lot. To say its Coop-ish… I don’t know. I see it but not really. I see a little Charles Burns and a lot of awesomeness. This is a really great print.

    I guess look at more illustrators? I

  7. Hey Isaac,
    Do you like Paul Pope?

  8. I like all sorts of comic artist. Paul Pope is great, I really dig J Scott Campbell too.

  9. nice nice, i really like your stuff.

  10. Thanks man. I’ve got some screen prints I’ll have up on my site soon you should check out. Hopefully I can get them on OMG.

  11. the face looks like rosie o’ donell….ugh

  12. What are OMG readers looking at before they look at the art on this site? The first Rosie reference was made about the Travolta print a few days ago and now this. I don’t see it in either case.

    Your watching the Best of The View DVD again aren’t you?

  13. Coop? Wow you guys are interesting.

  14. i don’t think the boobs are even of appropriate size to compare to Coop’s, regardless how many different ways do you think there are to draw boobs and shade them, jr? I bet the first time you saw Coop’s work you said, “late 60’s subversive porn cartoons much?” because you’re that cool.

  15. You’re right, a comparison to Coop cannot logically be made while looking at this print. Thank you for setting me straight and helping me see this print properly.

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