“Super Nova Jimi” Art Print by Mear One (Onsale Info)

Mear One has teamed up with Baurmann Gallery to release an art print of his insane “Super Nova Jimi” piece, a painting that took over 300 hours to complete.  The print will be a giant 35.5″ x 42.5″ giclee, has an edition of 100, and will be $650.  It goes up Monday, February 22nd at 1pm PST.  When the time is right, shoot Baurmann Gallery an email.

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  1. $650 and an edition of 100.. Wow.. Thats alot of money for such a large edition size. I wonder how quickly these will actually be purchased….

  2. van art?

  3. it’s because the poster is one giant acid tab.

  4. There is no time for this to be right.

  5. I posted this on expressobeans, but figured it would be helpful to hopefully explain the pricing further (as there has been some feedback received on that):

    Thank you all for the feedback and discussion so far in regards to the upcoming print. In terms of pricing, we always try to be transparent and open:

    MEAR and myself have made a very strong effort to put out extremely high quality limited edition works for a very fair price. One of the main reasons we could put out some past limited editions so cheaply was the immense time and effort MEAR personally put into the artwork creation, separation and actual printing process itself. Unfortunately, we can’t produce Giclees in the same manner where, due to MEAR’s skill and hard work, we can save on costs substantially.

    To my knowledge, there is not really a way to cheaply make a large, high-end giclee that is reflective of the quality & effort invested into a highly detailed/intricate original oil painting. There have been tremendous advancements in technology that have brought down the price of printers for smaller giclees, but this image size will be 33.5” wide (needing at least a 44 inch wide printer). We could have reduced cost by going smaller on the size, but it just would have not done the original justice in our opinion.

    Overall, this image will only be done once and we wanted to do it right in terms of quality especially. Also, this is not a cheap release but MEAR’s fine art has never been cheap, especially his massively time intensive works. The original canvas is priced at 40K (and debuted at the “Street Legal” show @ Rivera & Rivera gallery). His latest sculpture has a VERY hefty price tag on it too. We have tried to put out top-notch quality prints for a fair price in the past (and will continue to do so in the future) but in terms of costs, for a limited edition giclee of the quality and size, $650 is a fair price in my opinion.

    Thanks again for checking out the upcoming release.

    Please email info@baurmanngallery.com if any detailed questions can be answered or any help can be provided.

  6. none of those jimi’s seem to look at all like jimi hendrix

  7. derek vincent, you need to get to the optometrist and get your eyes checked homie! And why don’t you do some homework before posting? Jimi’s look, like all human beings; has changed quite a bit over the span of his short life, with age and obvious heavy drug use. As far as I can tell, MEAR used a number of reference PICTURES of Jimi in creating this amazing masterpiece homage to the world’s greatest guitar player of all time. But hey, I was lucky enough to see the original up close and personal, which is huge, amazingly detailed and literally bursting with incredibly realistic, almost magic luminosity.

    I’m ordering one right now. I suggest anyone interested in grabbing a piece of a star that’s about to go supernova do the same as MEAR is about to blow through the roof with his phoenix like rebirth as the world comes around to the place where MEAR has been all along.

    With the world waking up to the reality that almost everything in dominant culture is total and complete, soulless bullshit, from our so-called mainstream Robber Baron fronting news, politics, and economics, to so-called art that’s now, with the total saturation of programs like Photoshop and Painter, almost wholly derivative computer hack crap, MEARone is a REAL ARTIST (master of all media: cans, oils, pencils, pens, sculpture, etc.) who tackles subject matter often indecipherable to the uninitiated laymen (AKA brainwashed American tools) while his works simultaneously speak volumes to the few that actually have their eyes, minds and souls wide open to the horrific, and at the same time incredibly beautiful world around us.

    So, as the “Powers That Be” continue to drive humanity toward global war, total economic collapse and techno pharaoh fascism, and as “art” has been wholly co opted by the Robber Baron classes and driven into the toilet by talentless hacks, MEAR’s incredibly talented, intelligent twisted, genius comes into focus and takes it’s place as one of the last, great, REAL artists taking a stand against the never ending tidal wave of cheese.

    My advice: Buy as many and as much MEARone as you can get while you can still afford it.

    – Peas!

  8. Mear One rocks, the guy seems to always take his art to the next level.

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