Nate Duval’s Gocco Print Process

If you’ve ever wondered how awesome and simple the Print Gocco machine is to use, Nate Duval would be happy to show you.  He put together a process post about his latest gocco print and put it on his blog.  Do some learning at Nate’s Blog.

5 Responses to “Nate Duval’s Gocco Print Process”

  1. Ive always liked the simplicity thats involved in doing a gocco print.

  2. Yep, i love the Gocco. Its rejuvenated im interest in screen printing again.

  3. MUGATU!!!!

  4. i so want that print. i can has?!?!

  5. Gocco sounds fricking awesome… will definitely look into getting one. Nate, as always your stuff rocks! Keep churning it out, you definitely have a gift. TY for the tutorial on this bugger as well, that’s incredibly sweet.

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