Shepard Fairey at the Contemporary Arts Center Cincinnati (Opening and Print Info)

The third installment of Shepard Fairey’s “Supply and Demand:  20 Year Retrospective” show will hit Cincinnati next weekend.  The opening reception takes place Friday, February 19th, and it features a talk and dj set by Fairey himself.  In addition, there will be a new art print (18″ x 24″ screenprint, edition of 450) available at the opening.  For more info, visit

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  1. 5/10 – nice design, hate the words – they’re patronising. Still, it’s 5 more than I would have given “Writing’s on the wall”.

  2. Nice poster… the opening takes place on the 19th of February

  3. just curious to whom Shep is talking to with this particular text? Certainly has my attention regardless.

  4. I kinda like “confrontational-shep”, it’s certainly better than “confused-lost-it-long-ago-shep”. I see the latter gettin a fat contract to design fuckin wall clocks for Target pretty soon.

  5. The release is Friday the 19th, not the 14th….
    Really like this image. To bad the only way to get it is at the opening

  6. Passive aggressive “confrontaional-shep” sounds like a pssy. He’s bitching about someone, but not ID’ing the party directly. I’m guessing he’s pissed at a security guard who who gave him a full cavity strip search at the airport terminal. Now the image makes sense :)

  7. @ben: the words are taken from black flag’s rise above lyrics

  8. YeahRight, on February 10th, 2010 at 11:49 am Said:
    @ben: the words are taken from black flag’s rise above lyrics

    DAMNIT!! So he’s plagiarizing again?! ROFL Please tell me he got permission. Record companies take plagiarism of song lyrics VERY seriously.

  9. @Iron Jaiden

    COULD NOT AGREE WITH YOU MORE… confrontation and questioning authority is what really made Shep who he is. Not who hes become..

  10. well, what are Rise Against lyrics doing on the side of a building? that doesn’t really make any sense at all.

  11. For those who don’t understand:

    3d, I wouldn’t be surprised if Henry Rollins or SST Records gave him the go ahead.

  12. also, I can’t believe that anyone has yet to point out that in this print, the writing is quite literally on the wall.

  13. @Patrick
    I wouldn’t readily assume he got permission to use the intellectual property. Fairey doesn’t exactly have a good track record with things of this nature :-X

  14. @3d, I’m only assuming since he’s done promo posters for Henry Rollins’ last two tours, and has been a guest on his show, that the two of them are on good terms.

  15. I hate to jump in on this since it’s pretty freakin’ stupid, but I must interject that he might have to clear it with one Greg Ginn if there were any permissions that were needed.

  16. He’s a DJ too? come the f&*#^ on. he must be one of those SERATO DJs. that garbage doesnt require any skill at all. let’s see him throw down on some 1200’s. i wont be impressed until i see it. whats next shep? turning water into wine?

  17. Good point. Depends on if the writers held their own copyrights, or if it was given to the label.

  18. i just wish he had come up with a fiercer image to go with the black flag quote…..this looks like an ad for an architecture magazine

  19. Wow a dj set by someone that isn’t know for his musical taste. Sounds like a train wreck followed by another huge train wreck.

  20. but this print dosen’t reach the level of suckage as the last did.

  21. @Jason: Maybe he’s talking to the AP, which he sees as being jealous of his creative work product and trying to control it? If anyone’s interested, here are all the papers filed publicly in the case; makes interesting reading.

    Ctrl C King

    And how the hell is he pissed at AP? Its a photo that they own, he used it without their permission. he made a lot of money off it.

    Only people that haven’t ever created a piece of art would think what he did was ok.

    Fry his ass, make a example. Rewrite the copyright laws, Ban torrent sites.

    You want it? You pay for it!

  23. To be honest: this non stop Fairey bashing is getting pretty old pretty fast…
    Black Flag was and still is great and I’m happy he’s quoting them instead of some lame ass middle of the road emo band.

  24. Definitely like this print….luckily I friends i Cincinnati to hopefully, and willingly go grab me one of these.

  25. Not usually a fan of Shep’s work, but I really like the image, very cool, wish the words were different, but still, great image.

  26. Love the lyrics. And I actually like the image, first in along time, Shep. But I don’t think the words go with the image. Mixing modernism with punk lyrics seems to clash in my eyes. Image is too clean for the lyrics… BUT, i don’t hate it.

  27. You think Fairey may be calling the Associated Press, “Jealous Cowards”?! Puahaha… Fairey is a plagiarist time and time again. It’s not just the Obama image. He has a long history of taking other people’s work and passing it off as his own without even a mention or credit. In the creative field, plagiarists are the scum of the earth. There’s nothing “rebel” or “street” about that.

  28. @3d


  29. @3d and DMSrabbit: sure, I know the history – in fact, it’s all in the papers listed on my initial link, if you care to check them out, along with interesting stuff that hasn’t made it into the press as far as I know. I didn’t say anything condoning plagiarism. Just that since the AP is going after him at this time, maybe that’s who he’s referring to in the print text. It’s also a fact that most artists can’t afford litigation fees if their work is plagiarized. But the AP can afford those fees, which is why the issue isn’t going away this time.

  30. I am tired of Shep haters making comments-if you dont like him, thats cool- dont buy his stuff, but quit trashing him…

    Whether he did something wrong or not- I like him and his work..

    Knock it off…….dig????

  31. nice imagery, poor & improper use of decent lyrics. black flag are too good for fairey.

  32. SAD… I wouldn’t even buy this design on a Tee. I know they can not all be winners but DAMN DUDE, TRY!


  34. cincinatti beefloaf.and im sure someone would pick you up one if you wanted one

  35. The prints are sold out.

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