“Wave II” Art Print by James Jean

Wow, what a stunning new art print by James Jean.  “Wave II” is a 17″ x 22″ giclee, has an open edition, and is $87.  This will look great on your wall, trust me.  He has a number of other prints available, so check out ProcessRecess.com.

Via Creep Machine.

7 Responses to ““Wave II” Art Print by James Jean”

  1. Love this one, happy to see its finally been made into a print. If only I had the $87 spare.

  2. that’s too expensive for an open edition

  3. It’s too expensive because this guy is ridiculously overrated.

  4. Is it me, or is that female genitalia at the bottom…? Did I just fail the Rorschach test?

  5. I think I have seen that in his other prints as well, I believe it is a common theme

  6. Overrated? Are you high?
    He’s hands down one of the top illustrators around.
    Not only from my standpoint, but other obvious indicators like art shows and gigs.

    Go buy the new Obey print.

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