Two New Art Prints by Tomer Hanuka

It’s been too long since Tomer Hanuka released some limited edition art prints, but today is the day. “Fierce Allure” and “Lust Collides” are both 13″ x 19″ giclees, have tiny editions of 40, and will be $85 each. They go up this morning Wednesday, February 10th at a random time. Visit

3 Responses to “Two New Art Prints by Tomer Hanuka”

  1. hope to grab the fierce allure one.

  2. Still looking to buy a Hanuka print. These ones aren’t really doing it for me, but I like that he’s flexible with what he prints out. I continue to regret missing “Mother and Her Sprawling Presence”.

  3. I love these. It’s good to see new images by Hanuka.

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