John Travolta Pulp Fiction Art Print by Billy Perkins

Billy Perkins has produced a new art print to accompany his Samuel L. Jackson Pulp Fiction print.  The new John Travolta print is a 20″ x 26″ screenprint, has an edition of 60, and is $50.  You can grab one in the Classifieds.

29 Responses to “John Travolta Pulp Fiction Art Print by Billy Perkins”

  1. Is vectorizing images (poorly) of pop culture celebrities really all it takes to be considered an artist these days? With a $50 price tag it had better come with a Royal with cheese and some mayo.

  2. Why are you complaining about his work? I’m guessing that was you. If you don’t like it, make something better and I’ll buy it.

  3. agreed… weak.

  4. Bring out the gimp!

  5. Looks like the wolf man posters below.

  6. I could be wrong, but I think BP draws all his stuff by hand. This isnt a vectorised image through some fancy software.

  7. The white on the face is killing me. Quite a departure from the style of “the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” prints.

  8. Whether you ike the image or not, I can guarantee Billy Perkins draws everything by hand with ink and a brush- each individual film is done by hand on vellum, making him one of the last artists to not use Photoshop in the coloring stages.

  9. So he traced the image with a brush instead of a mouse?

  10. The image is decent and the movie is awesome, but do we really need another “art” piece that is not much more than a screen rip from a popular movie? Where’s the originality these days?

  11. Looks like John Travolta gained some weight.

  12. Yeah I hate to say it but there’s just nothing here. I had an app on my iPhone that allowed me to do basic paintbrush doodling and I often came up with very similar results to this after a half hour of painting over some photo of a Notorious BIG album cover or my girlfriend sticking out her tongue at me.
    Not saying photo paint-overs or traces aren’t legit, but there really needs to be something more profound about the piece. (see: Tyler Stout or Martin Ansin for examples)

    Right on though, right? :)

  13. I don’t need a “doodled” image of a gay cult member in my living room – pass (oh..and praise Xenu!!)

    Ensign, Marcabian 3rd Invader Fleet

  14. @Jdills The Royals with Cheese they serve in France. Fries with mayo in Holland.

    I would go for the Big Kahuna burger and some Sprite.

  15. harsh!!! artist, musician or mechanic… why does anyone actually believe their opinion matters?

  16. no one is saying their opinion matters. it’s an open discussion. when someone puts something creative out there, it’s open to opinions. That’s what makes art, music, film and writing fun. if artists don’t want criticism they shouldn’t release anything to the public.

  17. as a companion piece to that Sam Jackson Pulp Fiction one, this is pretty right on.

  18. dont like it. face and hands look weird.

  19. @cardhawks: opinions matter about as much as any piece of art or a karate lesson or a grilled cheese sandwich, dig?

  20. Perkins is awesome.

  21. praise xenu!

  22. Not even a great likeness to Travolta…

  23. I’ve played men’s league softball most of my life, since I was 14. I was a very competitive player, but never so much that I didn’t enjoy the hell out of playing, win or lose. I could hit the ball really hard, but in all the years I played there were only 2 or 3 times that I batted it out of the park…about the same number of times that I struck out. Mostly I just got base hits.

  24. Locke, is that you???

  25. What is this all supposed to be about?


  26. Jaiden, you’re right, Tyler’s stuff is amazing & his style is killer for movie posters. It’s funny…I rarely drew likenesses until Alamo Drafthouse requested them, beginning with the Good Bad & Ugly set. The response has been unexpected and very positive, and I’m finding that I enjoy rendering images in this style and experimenting with new ways to improve my use of negative space. Each color is painted by hand with brush & ink separately & then scanned. This particular image was done simply because enough people asked for it. Whether it’s your cup of tea or not, I’m flattered you guys care enough to talk about my work. Carry on!

  27. It’s killing me, but it looks like Rosie O’Donnell.

  28. @Billy: Yeah man it’s all about left field critique right? Makes the high fives that much sweeter.
    And while this piece for sure isn’t my cup of tea I’ve got your Shining print you did for Alamo so many moons ago and it’s honestly one of my favorites. I think your use of negative space and single focal point illustration on that one was dead on.
    I bet if this print had been of Travolta sitting on the toilet reading the paper about to get smoked by John McClane It’d be framed in my bathroom :)

    Speaking of McClane why the hell hasn’t Alamo played Die Hard and commissioned one of you highly talented gentlemen to draw a fuckin KILLER poster we’d all be killing each other for?
    Just sayin.

  29. Billy,
    I like your technique don’t change a thing. Half of these criticism’s on here don’t mean shit. Keep swinging for the fences.

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