I Want Your Skull – Issue 8

The zine for skull lovers has a new issue out, and it’s looking as good as ever.  Issue eight of I Want Your Skull features a full color cover by Shawn Hebrank, a papercraft toy by Horrorwood, and an interview with Godmachine.  The issue is limited to 250 numbered copies, and it costs only $20 shipped.  Visit IWantYourSkull.com.

5 Responses to “I Want Your Skull – Issue 8”

  1. Skulls skull skulls

    Why do these guys have to have skulls _ So boring.
    Every 5 posting a print with a skull in it.

    I am skulled out

  2. Maybe that’s because it’s called I Want Your Skull. If it were called “I Want Your Drawing” then the subject matter would probably be more varied. I dunno, just an observation…

  3. Moog, we get it, you don’t like skulls.

  4. Admin – You got my drift and I get your hint.

  5. lol,


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