Aaron Horkey’s Isis / Baroness Tour Poster

Aaron Horkey has unveiled his newest poster, it’s for the upcoming Isis / Baroness tour in Japan and Australia.  Both versions are 12″ x 34″ screenprints.  The blue version will go out with the bands on tour, the green version will be available online at a later date.  I’ll keep you updated.  Until then, enjoy!

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    Can’t wait to see this all printed up in it’s full glory .

  2. very nice, prefer the green one.

  3. Amazing, will be trying for the green one when it goes up.

  4. Holy crap! That is a bit awesome.

  5. sign me up!! i’m digging the green edition. more horkey brilliance.

  6. Holy Pama yes. Hopefully I can come up with a clever way to snag a Blue one.

  7. I;m going to be at Soundwave where they’re playing so I will most def be grabbing one of these

  8. Shit those look good.

    Fairey could learn a thing or two from Horkey…

  9. As much as I respect Fairey’s creativity and his art for what it is, he could never do what Horkey does. In all fairness, I’m not sure many could…

  10. Horkey can’t go wrong…

  11. Beautiful.

  12. that’s a beautiful piece of work right there.

  13. whoa. that rules

  14. I’d be interested to see these in person. This pictures seem to lack the typical depth and detail that usually defines a Horkey print.

  15. Holy shit! Want!

  16. awesome prints to go with what will be an awesome tour: ISIS and BARONESS!

  17. Not his best. But that typography is top notch as usual.

  18. wow. that black one is super nice!

  19. Ticket in hand for Isis at the Corner in Melb. I feel my first Horkey coming up. Woohoo!

  20. shit. that guy is the man.

  21. I think the big difference is Horkey is still an artist, keeps to himself and does what he wants to do. Shep is more of a franchise or brand at this point.

    This is a pretty solid print, I would like to see an orange/red version…it kinda has a phoenix vibe.

  22. man, I really like the blue one better. have to try and find a way to get that one

  23. That blue one is awesome.

  24. ‘Shep is more of a franchise or brand at this point’
    really- lol

  25. go get some of the fine art rather than the $45 posters-

  26. The funny thing is that you even mention Shepard Fairey.. out of all the artists in the world.. that’s got to count for something in and of itself..

  27. These need more than the 2 or possibly three colors that were used. Looks too flat compared to his other work. LOVE the art though.

  28. i like the black osprey mark on the bird’s neck

  29. Dollface, thats sarcasm right? Shep is a brand- Obey. I don’t care that he did a Obama poster and its in a museum, he built his name on marketing and branding.

    Also go buy Horkey original vs a screen print…. It’s the same thing, we’re comparing “Prints” and Shep has branded himself in the print world “more successfully” but sadly,his prints just blow now.

    Horkey still amazes. Still kicks ass.

  30. pass

    you can’t flip horkey’s or emeks nowadays, lol

  31. @ bananafana feux

    Looking at the difference in tone between the top and the bottom of the image I’d say the colour graduation will make a lot of difference on the final print .

  32. Spot on, Isaac. Spot on.

  33. What the hell, I’m just going to come right out and say it; Horkey has more artistic talent in his dick, than Fairey could even aspire to.
    Now things are REALLY going to get interesting :)

  34. I like this. Split fountain!

  35. Where does one even get a Horkey original? I want!

  36. A stack of cash , the right place at the right time and if he even feels likes selling.

  37. that cole is not me, I’m coleslaw, and this is another nice work for Aaron, I bet I know who gets this OG though, if I had one guess.
    I’m gonna try for a green Mitch-Green is my favorite color.

  38. Say what you will about the art (which is kickass) but these will sell out. I promise.

  39. Well the third show of the tour is here in Brisbane so hopefully they will still have some left at that stage… Now to figure out how to get in and buy the merch without going to see the show.

  40. Horkey rocks and can create animorphistic detail (I could only wich to create). Awesome in either color.

  41. The blue poster design is definitely the most eye-catching the gold feathers in the blue swirls contrast well, and this shade of blue provides a stark contrast against the dark background. The movement in this poster printing design is incredibly inspiring. You can tell exactly how the eagle is flying by the movement of the swirling air coming off of his wings.

  42. None of these posters are available at the Corner Hotel / Melbourne gig. I’m devastated. Good luck to those attending in other cities. If anyone has an opportunity to pick one up for me at a different show, drop me a line …

  43. all im sayin is that there better be some dope shit on the mastodon/baroness/highonfire/beneaththeburiedandme tour comin up this may/june. too many good bands with good art around for some other type shit. word up!

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