Kii Arens’ Radiohead Haiti Relief Poster

If you hurry, you can probably grab a copy of Kii Arens’ poster for the recent Radiohead Haiti relief show.  It’s a 17″ x 23″ lithograph, has an edition 100, and is $75.  100% of the proceeds will be donated to OXFAM.  Visit

6 Responses to “Kii Arens’ Radiohead Haiti Relief Poster”

  1. Thanks Mitch 😉

  2. word. snagged one.

  3. Thanks for another awesome heads up!
    These are super-sweet!
    And a good cause too!
    Grab one while you can!

  4. Grabbed – Fricking great poster

  5. There is a 2nd edition

  6. The red ones are NOT first edition or sold at the concert, only the yellow ones. The originals are on Ebay too.

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