“Totem II” Haiti Charity Art Print by Josh Keyes and Tiny Showcase (Time-Limited Edition Sale Info)

Tiny Showcase is going to release another time-limited Josh Keyes art print this week.  “Totem II” will be an 8″ x 10″ giclee for $30.  It goes up tomorrow (Tuesday, January 26th) at 7:30pm EST, and will be available for one week.  Additionally, $15 from each print will be donated to Partners in Health’s ongoing relief efforts in Haiti.  Visit TinyShowcase.com.

24 Responses to ““Totem II” Haiti Charity Art Print by Josh Keyes and Tiny Showcase (Time-Limited Edition Sale Info)”

  1. Looks great but what is the bear doing with his paw?

  2. Si! Conando!

  3. Hey Mitch, do you know if these will be signed and numbered?

  4. that crow very attractive.

  5. Perhaps inspired by the masturbating bear? Love it. So glad it’s a time-limited sale so I can get one.

  6. wowzers!

  7. will order for shure

  8. i hope TS stamps these like they normally do, it would be a great bonus if Josh could sign them all as well.

    Im sure this edition will be huge, i am guessing around 1000.

  9. ….and for a great cause!!

    Way to go, Tiny Showcase and Josh!!!

  10. Brilliant–wish it was larger, but I love the Haiti donation and open ed. Way to go Josh Keyes.

  11. looks awesome!!!!!!!! go KEYES!!

  12. Does anyone know if these were signed, stamped or numbered?

  13. I got the last Keyes Tiny Showcase print and it is not signed or numbered. It simply has Josh Keyes name printed bottom center in a serif font.

    I’ll definitely be getting this one.

  14. Love this, can’t wait to finally own a piece of Josh Keyes work. Beautiful.

  15. will be picking up

  16. Definitely picking this up, thank you for the time limited releases, they’re great.

  17. ya-nice one

  18. Not signed or numbered.

  19. this is awesome. you get a great piece of art, and get to help some people in need.

  20. Great, just purchased three of them to help with Haiti. Thanks JK!!!

  21. Luke, it IS signed according to tiny showcase

  22. its unsigned – has the TS stamp on the back and then handnumbered.

    I imagine its too tricky to get Josh to sign so many prints between printing and dispatching to buyers. all good though, great print / price / cause.

  23. sorry, i meant it IS numbered, not signed

  24. $ 35,99 = € 26,21 shipped to Europe = great deal for a great print, my 1st from Keyes, a little help for Haïti = :-)

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