Them Crooked Vultures Posters by Rhys Cooper

I’m telling you guys, Rhys Cooper is going places.  His new poster set for Them Crooked Vultures consists of three 12.2″ x 26.7″ screenprints, has an edition of 200, and is $60.  He also has a few uncut sheets available for the same price.  Visit the Classifieds.

7 Responses to “Them Crooked Vultures Posters by Rhys Cooper”

  1. Sweet poster for a sweet new band!!

  2. Illustrations are fantastic. Typography needs some work though.

  3. Will Dave be playing guitars AND drums?

  4. just drums. i like dave on drums the best, anyway.

  5. great illustration

  6. That shit is dope!

  7. […] has an edition 400, and is $39 AUD.  Additionally, they have some of Rhys’ sets that were posted yesterday.  Visit […]

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