“Eye Alert” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)

It’s not really clear on the Obey site if this is one single print or a diptych, maybe one of you folks know?  Either way, “Eye Alert” is one or two 18″ x 24″ screenprints with editions of 350 for $45 each.  They go up today (Thursday, January 21st) at a random time.  Visit ObeyGiant.com.

EDIT:  Here are the updated images:

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  1. Ugly as

  2. Looks like it’s time to get out of the poster making business.

  3. To avoid duplication of “worst print ever” comments just pile on to last week’s Your Eyes Here posting:


  4. Well atleast today I dont need to buy any prints….

  5. The sad thing about this is people are still going to buy it and he will still profit.

  6. Okay some people just obviously love to hate Shepard Fairey, regardless of what he does.

    I thought his last print was the worst thing he’s ever done, but this is 100X better than that.

  7. No, joel, I’d say the sad thing about this is that people are still going to bitch and moan just to hear the clacking of their own keyboards.

  8. I like it.

  9. come on … it’s a good print.

    it’s a complete 360 from last week!

  10. I dig it as a set!! Best in a while

  11. lol idiot..complete 360 is back to where it was…its 180

  12. I agree he’s slipping but I would say this is his best since Burmese Monk.

  13. Ha Ha

  14. I am doing a 360 on this print


    hames, on January 21st, 2010 at 9:11 am Said:

    come on … it’s a good print.

    it’s a complete 360 from last week!

  16. retards

  17. I cant wait until he comes out with the gold version, maybe Ill even pick up the 8×10, 0ffset, the open unsigned version and the 24×36. Or maybe Ill stop supporting crappy art by not buying his crap.

  18. No pattern on the in the black area beside the face?! That would’ve made it seem there was a bit more effort in the design.

    HAHA I wish it was they eye from the whale poster instead of the skinny “Jessica” eye. I mightve considered buying it.

  19. bash fairey. why bash each other?

  20. I can’t bash fairey this time. This one’s a winner. I’ll wait till he does another 360 on the next print and maybe start bashing again.

  21. The prints now have some new updates….

  22. Your Eyes Here sucked. Plain and simple. But this one is actually pretty good. I wouldn’t mind having this up on my wall.

  23. I liked it better without OBEY at the top.

  24. it’s ok. yep, just ok.

    100+ for the set is pushin’ it…gettin’ into MBW territory for waste of $$$…mostly when you see comparable prints selling at half the price with half the run.

    debating on the ‘revised’ with obey awkwardly at the top….
    looked cleaner/smoother w/out the obey tag line.


  25. the obey at top ruins its

  26. If I hadn’t blown my wad on PJ tickets I’d definitely grab this one.

  27. Has it gone on sale yet?

  28. its up

  29. would have picked it up if it were 45 for the set

  30. good luck. Mine crapped out pretty much as soon as i clicked proceed to check out. Would’ve bought it, but i’m not gonna cry about missing this one.

  31. Cool print, but not cool enough to spend the cheese on.

  32. To you that do not get this one–it represents the death of the healthcare bill!!!

  33. Would be nice if had a set that you can add to cart instead of having to add 1 then go back and other and have it crash a million times trying to make it back to the prints section

  34. Nah!!!!

  35. Way better than the last one!!

  36. I’m sure Shep loves all you guys ripping on his stuff. He has your attention! This print, especially the monochromatic red version is sick. The simplicity here is not in question, it’s the powerful imagery that is used that makes this piece successful.

  37. finally something good from him again. too bad he did not imply a “buy set” option into the web shop. kinda odd.

  38. these are awesome. too bad the submit order button wasnt working in firefox. by the time i loaded IE twas too late..


  40. The upside money/MD symoblizes the money he won’t be making from the Obama healthcare poster he was going to do lol.

    Shep fan: I have 87 different Shep posters.

    Real World: Yeah what are you going to do with them all?

    Shep fan: Aghh Aghh, you know I never really thought about that, they just sit in my portfolio collecting dust.

    Real World: You’re a sheep, I mean a $shep$.

  41. i like it

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