Haiti Relief Custom Prints by Natronbomb

Artist and regular OMG commenter Natronbomb has created five custom prints to benefit the earthquake victims in Haiti.  They are all 22″ x 30″, and they are all completely unique and hand-painted.  100% of the proceeds will benefit the Red Cross.  You can help a great cause, plus pick up an amazing deal on a one-off piece of art.  You can see process pictures at his blog, then visit his eBay Listings.

18 Responses to “Haiti Relief Custom Prints by Natronbomb”

  1. Hahaha, classic!

  2. These prints are wrong on so many levels.

  3. Thanks Mitch for posting my stuff!! I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!! Bid on em guys if u wanna contribute to an awesome cause, and get something super cool in return!!!!!!

  4. This imagery missed the point completely. Absolutely horrible!

  5. Wrong on so many levels?


    In the end we are all just monkeys with guns.. think about it..

  6. Like the custom work for the good cause, but chimps with guns is a tired, tired motif.

    DMSrabbit, I have thought about it and I think no.

  7. Well I like it and think its fricking funny and cheeky.

  8. Thanks Moog, as far as the others go..

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, im just trying to help so people in need..

  9. kiiiiiiiinda racist

  10. racist, are u freaking kidding me….. how so? and if its what im thinking, then u are racist for immediately associating that with this image.. WOW..

  11. A natual disaster involving almost 200k deaths should never be considered “cheeky!” DMS Rabbit – not only is your work awful, but you are a moron. No wonder you fingerpaint for a living

  12. Ouch.. thanks for that cole, im gonna keep producing work just to piss u off.. Also, what are u doing to help? if nothing, then u can go drymount yourself, MORON!!

  13. its rare that someone “no one” who ever is able to goat the designer into a “mr badass” conversation on the web. DMS you should be better than that. There will always be super critical opinions on the web.

    That being said; monkeys, guns & Haiti

    how were we to interpret this piece?

  14. Agreed. DMS, if you stand behind your work, then let it speak for itself. Getting into arguments with people on the internet will do you no favors.

  15. I’m never one to criticize an artist’s style, to each their own. However, this imagery is an absolute mockery of a disastrous situation.

    “We are all monkeys with guns” – DMS you are serious? You are an ignorant troll. This piece of garbage makes me wonder if the money is actually going to Haiti victims and not in his pocket. Sad to see some are trying to benefit from the pain and suffering of others.

  16. First of all, giving the proceeds from a work to a good cause is without a doubt a good thing.
    I think all the criticism is about the subject (a monkey with a gun is not the best image to raise money for earthquake victims) and the style (that image is already used way to many times and so is the ‘artistic graffittti background’, I’m not even gonna talk about skills).
    Also some people might think you use this opportunity to raise money , but also to get fame for your name. But I give you the benefit of the doubt for that.

  17. Sorry Mitch, will never argue again I owe you greatly for this.

    Just to clarify. I am a moron, but then again they also called Einstein and Galileo morons too. History will tell that tale. Monkeys with guns, tired motif, ok. But this imagery was not created for Haiti, or a reflection of its people or the relief effort. It was taken from another image i painted on my blog before the catastrophe in Haiti. Next, All of the items are set up on auction format and you can read that 100% are going to charity. I am not someone that is personally benefiting (financially) in any way from this. Finally, I will still make art, and its fine if people dont like it, they are entitled to that..

    As far as all the Monkeys with guns comments, you guys never got the metaphor. The Monkey (homosapiens closest relative) is a naturally gentle creature. WE are not, thus representing the guns and where our path has taken us. Its just a representation that we are all peaceful creatures with the power to do something terrible. Its up to you to decide what to do. That’s what the imagery meant to me (at least) when i was creating this piece…

    Again, im very sorry Mitch about the backlash..

  18. i dont get the apology. you shouldnt have to apologize for shit

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