Loads of New Prints from Tyler Stout (Onsale Info)

Tyler Stout is going to be a very busy man this week, he is releasing a ton of stuff.  I have listed all the appropriate info below.  Be on time, and visit TStout.com.

“Lost” – Available Monday, January 18th Between 1pm-3pm PST.

24″ x 36″ Screenprint, Edition of 300:

Phish – Available Tuesday, January 19th Between 1pm-3pm PST.

Be on his mailing list, then watch your inbox at 1pm PST.

18″ x 24″ Screenprint in Three Colorways:

The Monster Squad – Available Wednesday, January 20th Between 1pm-3pm PST.

Sale info coming!

24″ x 36″ Screenprint.  Regular and Variant Colorways:

71 Responses to “Loads of New Prints from Tyler Stout (Onsale Info)”

  1. I know 7 of them FOR SURE….can’t figure out the 8th. Dammit!
    Once this is all over, please post your answer, lucky winners!

  2. I’m curious as to how fast the fastest times were. I sent in my email at 11:02 EST and I didn’t get it. Bahh. I hope I wasn’t disqualified on a technicality for spelling Ana Lucia’s name Anna Lucia.

  3. So now that all is said and done… anyone got a price for how much they went for?

    Congrats to Tyler

  4. If I told you, you probably wouldn’t even believe it.

  5. I know what I paid for one during the presale. Tyler is one of the nicest guys around!

  6. well, what did you pay?

  7. yea if i told you how much i spent on the presale lol..hes mad dedicated to his fans

  8. The price was equivalent to the original price of the poster plus $20 (which was pretty close to the price that international buyers had to pay at the Damon & Carlton website anyway).

    As I always say, Tyler is a stand-up guy.

  9. Actually, his was more expensive originally, he sold his copies for the exact same amount as DCAAPB.

  10. i don’t believe it…

    well I do, but I’m just depressed. PLEASE people, don’t sell these!

  11. Scored a Monster Squad print; stoked!

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