The Poster Cause Project Presents Haiti Earthquake Relief Prints by Dalek, Shane Jessup, and Patricio Oliver

Living up to their name, The Poster Cause Project jumped to action with the quickness to help the victims of the recent earthquake in Haiti.  This batch of releases features new prints by Dalek, Shane Jessup, and Patricio Oliver.  They are all 6″ x 11″ digital prints, have open editions, and are $15 each.  100% of the profits will go to benefit Doctors Without Borders.  Visit

11 Responses to “The Poster Cause Project Presents Haiti Earthquake Relief Prints by Dalek, Shane Jessup, and Patricio Oliver”

  1. awesome. loving this.

  2. Dalek’s new stuff is so trippy. Im glad he chose to advance his style instead of just using his space monkeys. Go DALEK!!


    Hey young world!

  4. Nice work Dalek

  5. Hey guys, hopefully this isn’t inappropriate but I’ve got a bunch of art prints lying on the table in my room but I’d like to find a better, inexpensive place to put them. Anyone know how to keep prints safely stored without breaking the bank?

  6. Matt, buy a flat filing folder. It comes in both 18×24 and 24×36 sizes. This is the best way to ensure safety of your prints..

  7. is there anything bigger? and what’s a great place online to get one of these things?

  8. Fantastic, 1st image is mindblowing. Plus it’s great to see artists helping for such an important cause.

  9. I love that first image too, trying to work out if I can justify buying it… bought myself rather a lot recently!

    I’m in the UK but I bought an A1 canvas filing folder for £40 and 5 plastic wallets for it for £10 (which are double-sided so provide space for 10 prints. This is over-sized for all the prints I’ve put in it so far! (Mostly Dan McCarthy prints from last year’s print club). This was a shop called The Range, no idea if it exists anywhere else.

    Hobby or crafting stores also stock that kind of thing but do tend to over-charge.

    Otherwise, ebay?

  10. Matt, check Craigslist in your area for a flat file. I found a used 44″x52″ steel, 5 drawer Mayline for $99 listed by a local used, surplus office furniture place. They’re out there.

  11. I got a 15 drawer 36 x 45 for 100 bucks off craigslist. I would for sure check there.

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