The Rhys Cooper Monster Poster Sale

For a limited time, Rhys Cooper (aka Studio Seppuku) is offering 5 random posters for only $50.  Everything is screenprinted, limited, and mint.  You might even receive a variant.  Visit the Classifieds.

EDIT:  Back Up!

5 Responses to “The Rhys Cooper Monster Poster Sale”

  1. “ will be unavailable for a few hours as we perform some major upgrades.”


  2. I don’t feel easy paying $50 for random posters – bit of a glory hole.
    Some like the thrill some not.

  3. 1. Yeah, shitty timing for Rhys.

    2. Any of Rhys’ posters at five for $50 is a steal.

  4. Every single mystery tube I’ve ever bought has far exceeded my expectations of what I would get for what I paid. AS said above, any 5 of Rhys’ posters is worth $50.

  5. Back up now.

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