“Your Eyes Here” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)

Not sure how I feel about this one, but Shepard Fairey has a new print coming out, which is always a big deal.  “Your Eyes Here” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 450, and will be $45.  It goes up tomorrow (Thursday, January 14th) at a random time.  Visit ObeyGiant.com.

36 Responses to ““Your Eyes Here” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)”

  1. Worst Fairey ever.

  2. I can imagine the comments…

  3. This one a big deal? HA!

  4. i actually really like this, and im not a big fairey fan. count me in!

  5. this takes it. this is the worst obey print ever.

    somebody please confiscate Fairey’s copy of Adobe Illustrator.

  6. Frickin terrible. Interns are running the show over there. Shep needs to quit the DJing and other bullshit.

  7. Man, I’ve always been a fan of his and I’ve thought people have gotten a little too worked up in hating him.

    But I can’t justify this. This really is the worst Fairey print I think I’ve ever seen.

  8. I agree… Shepherd has finally given up. A stencil font, Really? kinda looks like Ricky Bobbys Crystal Gayle Shirt. http://bit.ly/5D3xaM

  9. Am I missing something? Is this suppose to be someone famous?


  11. omg i think i just threw up in my mouth

  12. If I took a dump in my hand and threw it against a piece of paper it would be better art than this….

    very sad for shep…..this is truly worse than shit!

  13. is it annie lennox?

    this is one of those “prints” you should NOT stare at too long.

    the face looks fairly smooth, then just plop a commy cap, a little blah color, dress it up with a canned font and presto(?)….yikes

    next time(ha,ha) just outline the face…for g*ds sake.

  14. I think it’s Rupaul

  15. Now, to be fair, Adobe crashed right near the end, and the interns had to render the hat in MS Paint.

    I think this is amazing work considering the mental and physical obstacles those poor kids had to overcome.

    Let’s have a little respect for those less fortunate.

  16. GAG…. the man has given up…..

  17. Looks like a bootleg job.

  18. shepard…you are ruining your credibility

  19. started farted stuttered and stopped.

  20. congrats shep, you have reached level 0, channel zero, rock bottom. this is by far the ugliest fairy related print i have ever soon and i might even say that i will ever see in the future. it can not get any more terrible than this. no, dear long time shep collectors, i bowed down the last couple of times when i said something similar and you rightly corrected me thatg you have seen worse from him, but this time it’s not up for discussion. this might even be one of the 5 ugliest professionally manufactured screen prints i have seen since i started collecting.

    i’d rather buy dried vomit on french paper.

  21. is that popeye as a crossdresser, post op, after he just stole boy george’s clothes?

  22. This is just stupid. He is getting stupid and losing all creative thought. That is when you have boat loads of money and forget your art. This is very stupid indeed

  23. that print is terrible.

  24. so who is the artist that has vomit on franch paper for sale?

    i’m in. :)

  25. I Think this is Boy George…

  26. best print of 2010… ha.

  27. It’s a pretty lazy Barbara Kruger reference.

  28. Your eyes where? I don’t understand the point of this print…???

    Worst print in history.

  29. hmmm, i think this will fit perfect into the obey webshop on top of captain awkward for the next few years.

  30. Its like he doesnt even care anymore….

    what ever makes him money…..

    this has no artistic merit what so ever……

    but, then again… this decline started long, long ago…

  31. OMG I FIGURED IT OUT!!!! It’s Jessica with a hat on!

  32. I think this is Shep’s “Plan B” to keep people from selling his prints on eBay.

  33. This looks like something that a person trying to copy Shep’s style would make.
    Im not really a fan of his work anyway, but this print looks bad. He needs to step it up if he wants to keep his fanbase happy. Old fans as well as new.

  34. It would be really funny to get a comment from shep himself about what the hell is going on….

    not with just this print but WHAT THE HELL IS HE THINKING these days…..honestly been turning out total shit and im not sure what happened to the guy. My three year old nephew made a better oiece of art than this shit….just really sad!!!

  35. WHALES WARS!!!!!!!! hahaha remember that one 2 weeks ago, im still trying to get over that, so i cant begin to process this one yet

  36. “is that popeye as a crossdresser, post op, after he just stole boy george’s clothes?”

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