Gary Baseman’s Midnight Magi Figure

I find it hard to keep up with vinyl toys anymore, but luckily Arrested Motion tipped me off to this one.  Gary Baseman’s Midnight Magi figure is not only the best toy he’s ever done, but also the best thing I’ve seen out of Kidrobot in a long time.  This thing will launch a brand new line, Kidrobot Black, in which everything will ONLY be offered in, you guessed it, black.  After that, the production molds will be broken.  It has a tiny edition of 200, so it will go fast.  The only thing you can really do is keep an eye out for the new site to go live at

EDIT:  Up now at!

10 Responses to “Gary Baseman’s Midnight Magi Figure”

  1. UP!

  2. oh, and can someone tell kidrobot customer service not to be suck c@cks?

  3. it’s up

  4. I’m pretty sure it’s not up. For now, that link is just fwding to

  5. type “” into browser

  6. Whoops, I stand corrected. Thanks Peter.

  7. No worries, found that out accidentally actually

  8. It’s been up since yesterday apparently. I tried to get it, but their server is having trouble accepting credit cards and no paypal option. So, it’ll be a pass for me. I went for Joe Ledbetter’s Mr.Bunny instead.
    Still some silver and brass ones available.

  9. i’m still annoyed by the stupid b!tch that answered the phone at kidrobot. learn some customer service skills.

  10. black is the new white.

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