“Connected” Movie Poster by Barq

Here’s your daily dose of mind-blowing artwork.  Joaquim Marqués Nielsen and Anders Baden Nielsen from the Danish design studio Barq have produced a completely insane movie poster for Connected, a sci-fi western directed by Jens Raunkjær Christensen and Jonas Drotner Mouritsen.  It’s a 26″ x 39″ offset print, has a tiny edition of 73, and is €39.  Visit the Connected Store.

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  1. wow – great image! had to shell out some euros for this beauty…

  2. This is fantastic.

  3. 50€ shipped to the US, about $75

    now I want to see this short film if it’s ever available in the US or maybe on the interweb. I can only imagine it’s some deep interplay about codependency.

    on a lighter note, this would be a great poster to display in the bathroom.

  4. They remind me of the stillsuits from DUNE.

  5. there’s a video of this poster in the offset printing process


  6. Looks like it’s on some pretty flimsy paper.

  7. […] this great poster for the Danish ’sci-fi western’ Connected, which popped up on OMGPosters yesterday. A design studio called Barq created the image, and you can actually buy a print, though […]

  8. looks like they printed more than 73 too. maybe just 73 were numbered?

  9. Total number is 360 copies which I’m guessing most of them are being used when showing the film, for festival and such. But yeah maybe 73 of them are signed.

  10. for those interested in seeing the movie, got word that they will release the entire movie on the film’s website http://www.ov43.com in the coming week.

  11. i love this image, i fffffound it a few days ago. there are pix of the stills used to make it there as well.

  12. This is fuckingfantastic. Wow. Ordering… NOW.

  13. WOW! It was so worth looking through 108 pages of this blog to find this. And it seems to still be for sale! Don’t get me wrong, the other 107 pages were plenty cool, but this is a rare find. I hope the Euro-to-Dollar exchange rate isn’t too bad these days.

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