“Blue Record” Print Set by John Baizley (Onsale Info)

John Baizley has teamed up with Burlesque Design to release a new set of Baroness prints, this time based on the “Blue Record artwork.  The set includes two 12″ x 24” screenprints, and will be priced at $50.  It goes up tomorrow (Thursday, January 14th) at 2pm CST.  Visit BurlesqueDesign.com.

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  1. Burlesque’s Baizley output would be so much cooler if it didn’t say ‘Baroness’ on the bottom. I dig his art, but hate his band.

  2. I like Baroness, but I agree witht problem of repeating the text on a diptych… so if I want to hang ’em I’ll have two ‘Baroness’ tags? Not very well thought out imo

  3. Joe- Hate is a strong word. If you really enjoyed his art it wouldn’t matter what text was affiliated with it.

    I find it really odd that almost every other comment I see about Baizley is some form of complaint.

  4. great price great artist!!! i love this even more that it says Baroness at the bottom!!!

    Great work, Jon keep it up!

    Definite quick sell out at that price!!

  5. really stoked that on this. these look a lot better than the tour versions.

  6. Joe, how can you HATE baroness? i understand if you don’t like their music, but HATE them?

    as for this beautiful print set: i don’t know much, but i know one thing for sure: this one is gonna be gone faaast. on your marks, buddies.

  7. If you like heavy music, you should really give them another chance. Start at the two eps, those are way more quote inquire metal, then to the color Lps which are more melodic and epic.

    Or just buy the prints and frame out the letters. Either way, good art should be celebrated, so vote with your money. Ooh, and buy a shrinebuilder while yr at it!

  8. Baroness is a great band to begin with. Definitely bringing something new to heavy music. Add to that Baizley’s art…and it’s a complete package per se.

  9. Frame out the text, simple.

  10. It’s funny – I didn’t love Baroness the first listen or so, but they’ve grown on me. Melodic metal can piss me off; it comes off cheesy at times. But I think Baroness is pretty solid now. Blue Album grew on me, and I think Red is even better. And First and Second are good listens as well.

  11. Art like this makes me want to break all my pencils and hang it up. Or, makes me want to draw better. Either way, great print.

  12. These are awesome. Glad I got my set on their tour.

  13. […] “Blue Record” Print Set by John Baizley (Onsale Info) […]

  14. I own and enjoy the first 2 eps immensely. I also thought this Unpersons split was great… but I found the direction they moved in with the Red album to be incredibly boring and diluted. I didn’t mean to start any fires here, but I have grown to severely dislike Baroness.

    However, I do think Jon is an extremely talented artist, and I do own a few of his early prints, which don’t display his band name on them. I’d love to add these to my collection, but not with the band name across the bottom.

  15. yeah peeps, you should listen to Aye Jay and grab his shrinebuilder colabo print with john if you can get hold of a copy. sooooooo good. 😀

  16. If you dont like the border with the baroness prints just frame it out. use a matt that covers it so it only shows the image. You could even choose a matt with a similar colour to the border if you wanted.

  17. Sold out in 9 minutes flat! WOW!

  18. thats what i hear, though i was on the brlsq site well before and after the 2pm mark and it never posted to the store

  19. amazing art.

  20. crap! so busy at work today i forgot about this drop. at least i have phantom limb… mmmm….

  21. Don’t worry if you missed it, Jon reprints nearly everything.
    More colorways will be along…

  22. @pathew….

    these are exactly the same as the tour version so…..

    we hope to do a full color version of the art at some point, no text, not split in half. until then…enjoy these!
    ps…..green version will be available on the upcoming europe tour, as well as another surprise print.

    thanks everyone who got in on the onsale!

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