“Blue Record” Print Set by John Baizley (Onsale Info)

John Baizley has teamed up with Burlesque Design to release a new set of Baroness prints, this time based on the “Blue Record artwork.  The set includes two 12″ x 24” screenprints, and will be priced at $50.  It goes up tomorrow (Thursday, January 14th) at 2pm CST.  Visit BurlesqueDesign.com.

22 Responses to ““Blue Record” Print Set by John Baizley (Onsale Info)”

  1. Don’t worry if you missed it, Jon reprints nearly everything.
    More colorways will be along…

  2. @pathew….

    these are exactly the same as the tour version so…..

    we hope to do a full color version of the art at some point, no text, not split in half. until then…enjoy these!
    ps…..green version will be available on the upcoming europe tour, as well as another surprise print.

    thanks everyone who got in on the onsale!

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