Art of the Year Voting at Expresso Beans

Expresso Beans has just opened voting for concert poster and art print of the year, so if you have an account there, be sure to get your votes in.  The system is all automated, and lets you choose between anything that got nominated for Art of the Week throughout the year.  Results will be in around the end of January, so get to voting!  Visit

I chose the Emek/Horkey Decemberists poster and Daniel Danger’s “…Whatever the hell that means”.  What did you guys pick?

43 Responses to “Art of the Year Voting at Expresso Beans”

  1. EMEK- Marsians
    Horkey – Dead Man

  2. Art Print-Danger “Whatever”
    Poster-McCarthy Sonic Youth
    (I thought it was here, but someone’s posting about how the McCarthy represented exactly what shows were/meant as a teen really struck a chord).

  3. I voted for:

    Art Print – Danger “Whatever”
    Poster – Rogers “Atlantic City Halloween Phish”

    Rogers is killing it as an unoffical Artist!

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