Art of the Year Voting at Expresso Beans

Expresso Beans has just opened voting for concert poster and art print of the year, so if you have an account there, be sure to get your votes in.  The system is all automated, and lets you choose between anything that got nominated for Art of the Week throughout the year.  Results will be in around the end of January, so get to voting!  Visit

I chose the Emek/Horkey Decemberists poster and Daniel Danger’s “…Whatever the hell that means”.  What did you guys pick?

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  1. Sweet. My last men standing were Stout’s Inglourious Basterds & Choe’s Jimi.

  2. Banksy – Chocolate Donut as its so simple and so fun
    Emek – Ravi Shankar

  3. Mogwai – Millward
    Choe – Jimi

  4. really not a fan of how they set up how to vote.
    i accidentally voted for something for art print but made up for it for the other one i voted danger all the way.

  5. Poster – Stout – Inglourious Basterds
    Art Print – Spusta – Branch with Birds

    Note, there is an unoffical “Artist of the Year” poll over there as well.

    On the forums, look under “Anything Goes” and the thread title is “Poll: Artist of the Year 2009”

    You can vote for three … my choices were Sperry, Spusta and Danger. Sperry would be my #1 for ’09, no doubt.

  6. horkey – grails and danger – whatever the hell.

  7. Horkey/Emek
    It’s just good.

    Pipistel – Mills
    Amazing stuff. I’m not much for his new darker stuff, but if he ever returns to this energy I’m going to be stalking this man.

  8. I picked Choe’s Jimi for Art Print

    and then tstout’s Phish Miami poster.

  9. I picked Choe’s Jimi for Art Print – it is just amazing in person.

    and then tstout’s Phish Miami poster. – Great music, times, and art…AWESOME!

  10. Emek – Janes Addiction – Sasquach Fest

    Mr. Brainwash – Ali

  11. Josh Keyes – Entangle I
    Aaron Horkey – Dead Man

  12. Choe : Hendrix

    Horkey : Dead Man

  13. Art Print = Keyes – The Scorch II

    Poster = Danger’s Why Poster

  14. Danger’s Jabberwock print was my fave of the year… voted for.

  15. Emek/Horkey Decemberists
    Status Serigraph – Mock Flow

  16. too many Sperry’s to choose from. the picture was lousy, but the mogwai poster is so great.

  17. Art Print;
    “… Whatever The Hell That Means” by Daniel Danger

    “Inglourious Basterds” by Tyler Stout

  18. Emek/Horkey Decemberists
    Choe Jimi

  19. Stout – Kuku2

    Tong – Mogwai

  20. emek/horkey – the decemberists

    slater – benjamin linus

  21. Nine Inch Nails Singapore 09 Malleus
    Ketsueki 09 Malleus

    Kinda not keen on having ended w/ Ketsueki.

  22. Sperry WSP and Choe Jimi Hendrix

  23. Keyes ~ Entangle I
    Horkey/EMEK ~ Decemberists

  24. American Artifact 09 Sperry – Screenprint (=mind-blowing)

    Ketsueki 09 Malleus (yeah, it’s a reissue, but still tops for me)

  25. Stout – Basterds
    McCarthy – The Rain Made a Sound

  26. Anville lafourcade II
    horkey dead man

  27. Keyes – Scorch II
    Horkey – Deadman

  28. Sperry – Widespread Panic
    Spusta – Night Owl

  29. Parla – St. Giles

    Emek/Horkey – Decemberists

  30. sperry-WSP

  31. Soto – Grasshoppers

    Pollock- MSG

  32. Stout – Basterds

  33. Sperry-WSP

    Mccarthy- Rain had a sound

  34. Gonna be tight b/n the Sperry Panic and Emek/Horkey Decemberists, I think!

  35. Dead Man, no question.

  36. 1) Hunter’s Ibogaine Conference
    2) Spusta’s Spring Swing

  37. Chuck Sperry Widespead Panic
    Dan McCarthy The Rain Had A Sound
    Artist of the Year-Chuck Sperry

    lookin’ 4ward to see what wins though!!!

  38. They loaded it front heavy with Spusta and back heavy with the guy who wins every year.

    so not fair

  39. Art print – Danger Jabberwock
    Poster – McCarthy Sonic Youth

    Art print was a close call with McCarthy Rain Had A Sound. Poster was close with Munter and Horkey.

  40. Whatson – All White
    Stout – Phish Deer Creek

  41. EMEK- Marsians
    Horkey – Dead Man

  42. Art Print-Danger “Whatever”
    Poster-McCarthy Sonic Youth
    (I thought it was here, but someone’s posting about how the McCarthy represented exactly what shows were/meant as a teen really struck a chord).

  43. I voted for:

    Art Print – Danger “Whatever”
    Poster – Rogers “Atlantic City Halloween Phish”

    Rogers is killing it as an unoffical Artist!

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