“Yuuwaku” and “Hyakki Yakou” Art Prints by Audrey Kawasaki (Onsale Info)

Audrey Kawasaki is going to release another two art prints with her “time limited edition” method.  “Yuuwaku” is a 16″ x 20.5″ giclee, while “Hyakki Yakou” is a 14″ x 23″ giclee.  They will be priced at $100 each.  The prints drop Saturday, January 23rd at 3pm PST.  Everyone that purchases a print between 3pm PST – 4pm PST will receive one, and that will determine the edition size.  However, the limit is one print per person, which means you’ll need to decide on one of them, you can’t buy both.  Visit Audrey-Kawasaki.com.

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  1. Yay! That’s awesome of her to give us the choice since the vote was so close.

  2. I love these time limited edition prints. It allows those who want the print to get it and it’s still a “limited edition”. More artists should do this in order to get their art to actual fans so that they can gather more of a following. The only thing these small batches do is turn people off of all these art prints by making them wait around all day for a “limited drop” that they have a 1% chance of getting. That’s why all college dorms have the same couple posters plastering all the walls.

  3. Is it me or are the boobs/proportion appear off on “Yuuwaku”, although Im sure this was meant to be

  4. You’re not crazy EE, that left one seems a little too large.

  5. Her left shoulder is higher.
    Breasts are rarely proportional anyway.

  6. Hes right, breasts are rarely every proportional. Only fake breasts are truly proportional. THat print is amazing, and i will shell out for it!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Have any of you guys purchased prints from Audreys web page before? If so, do you know whether or not the shipped print will be marked with the original price value?

    I can’t afford buying one if I’m gonna have to pay for customs as well, so therefore I’m asking.


  8. I think her last art show took her work in a direction away from me. Nothing seems too far different, but there just wasn’t anything I really loved. I’m not sure what it is.

    Anyone feel the same?

  9. No, i dont feel that way at all.. I would LOVE to have ANY of her work on my walls. prints or originals

  10. I actually feel as though her last show was a huge step forward. I have always loved her stuff but with the addition of more forground and especially background elements, her paintings seem to tell more of a story now for me.

  11. Agreed, her last show moved away from the stuff she’s been producing and toward more complexity in the images. It’s a good thing. Hyakki Yakou is pretty spectacular.

  12. God, I LOVE that Hyakki Yakou print! I’m so excited they are making it available. I’d love a tat of that spirit parade ghosting its way up my leg. Eager to see what the frames are going to look like!

  13. so will these still be signed and numbered.. even though it could be a very odd number… i def want to grab one of these

  14. seems like more people like Hyakki Yakou more.

    so do you buy that one? or buy the other print in hoping that it will be a very low run number?

    i know they will both have a decent print run size. i am just hoping to get a kawsaki print, that has a run of less than 750. i always get shut out of the low run prints.

  15. Why buy them framed? Framing her work is half the fun. Kawasaki just goes to pictureframes.com and uses whatever is on closeout. Doing it yourself is half the fun!


  16. Yes I agree, her new works do have more of a storytelling element

  17. UP!!!

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