The Sonic Youth 2010 Mini Tour Series

I was lucky enough to be able to put together posters for a small run of Sonic Youth shows this month.  Some of these are exclusive peeks, I thought you deserved them.  All posters will be for sale at the shows, then probably some later online.  Hope you guys like them, enjoy!!

January 5 – Tempe – Ken Taylor

January 7 – San Diego – Olly Moss

January 8 – Pomona – Kevin Tong

January 9 – Los Angeles – Emek

January 10 – San Francisco – The Small Stakes

32 Responses to “The Sonic Youth 2010 Mini Tour Series”

  1. what a great set of prints, wow! kudos for putting it together mitch!

  2. Tong is awesome!

    Wow, all are pretty cool designs.

  3. damn, nice stuff

  4. Awesome series. Taylor and Small Stakes for the win.

  5. i heart sonic youth!
    thank you mitch!

  6. Love all of these if I were more into the back i would pick them all up

  7. *sorry I meant if I were more into sonic youth I would pick them up hahah.

  8. Wow, all of these are uniquely amazing. I’m really digging that Taylor though.

  9. As usual, Taylor wins. Wow.

    Tong–always reminds me of overwrought h.s. art class projects, seems some people dig that though

    Great layout on the Emek-or should I say the J.Wood? 😉

    Small Stakes is nice, but imo that theme is wearing a bit thin

  10. i like the moss the best, but it could be because i still love to read.

    Emek gets second best from me, which is an unusual feeling since i haven’t really dug any of his solo stuff since ’05 or ’06.

  11. wow, they’re all very nice!

  12. Winners, each and every one of them.

  13. LA always has the worse posters.

  14. DUDE TAYLOR’S is by far the best. Then EMEK, but it looks a bit like cyberman has made another appearance!! good poster set, are u gonna get these for postersandtoys mitch?

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  16. All amazing, I especially love Taylor’s piece and the Small Stakes print. Fantastic!

  17. These are brilliant. Such a lovely series. Just wondering what website they’ll be going on sale on, if they’re not snatched up before then?

  18. I’ve never bought a poster at the show before and I want to this time. Are they usually sold in tubes or just naked? How are these packaged, if at all? Can I bring my own tube?

  19. Yeah, I’d bring a tube.

  20. last year they did not have tubes

  21. Oooo, nice little series guys. Dig the variety pack.

  22. Can’t go wrong with the first two and the last one.

  23. Ken Taylor, Tong, Small Stakes, In My Opinion. Great work by everyone! Nice series!

  24. the Ken Taylor one is just about perfect!

    this Decemberist poster he did kinda rules too!

  25. i don’t want no chick sticking her greasy friend chicken fingers on my print

  26. Great work Mitch. Solid!

  27. Great collection, thanks. I may try for a few of those.

  28. the turbo rat trap is pretty special.

  29. Any idea when these go on sale? Will it be through the website?

    LOVE the Moss posters…

  30. The Ken Taylor and Olly Moss posters will be available at soon. The other three will be sold through the artists’ websites. Leftovers will also maybe make it to the Sonic Youth store.

  31. Superb! Looking forward to it – will it be mid-late Jan?

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