A Whole Handful of Lost Prints (Onsale Info)

Looks like a bunch of folks are releasing their Lost prints this week.  Dan McCarthy and Tim Doyle have already sold out, but there are still plenty more to come.  Below you will find the onsale info for the next few, and I will of course keep you posted on more.  Enjoy!

“The Smoke Monster” by Ken Taylor

Available Thursday, January 7th at “approximately” 2pm CST.  Visit Postersandtoys.com.

“The Barracks” by Nate Duval

Available today (Tuesday, January 5th) at 1pm EST.  Visit Nate’s Esty Shop.

“The Dharma Van” by Methane Studios

Available today (Tuesday, January 5th) “around” 3pm EST.  Visit MethaneStudios.com.

19 Responses to “A Whole Handful of Lost Prints (Onsale Info)”

  1. Hey Mitch, have you settled on a price for the Ken Taylor print?

  2. 150 for nate’s print…its up

  3. Damn, i’d of loved that Barracks print.

  4. So…the Dharma van never went up? Anybody find it on the site?

  5. dharma was up under art prints.

  6. I hate that I still allow myself to be sucked in by the hype…

  7. Today? I never saw it and was refreshing. Is it sold out?

  8. Long gone Jon
    I think it went up in the “art prints” section

  9. Perhaps in the future they could actually have a link to purchase instead of having to click on another print in the art prints section to get it to even show up at all. Anyone else frustrated by this?

  10. I was in art pints refreshing and it never popped up????

  11. I agree and yes

  12. Duly noted

  13. I was lucky enough to snag one up and got the numbers last night. I have “one” more on my list maybe 2 if I can find some info on the Hatch. Is there any info on Kevin’s release if there is one?

  14. It is such a relief that I’m not a Lost fan and don’t have to compete for any of these posters. Whew.

  15. 4-Toed Statue – Jason Munn
    $100 SOLD OUT

    The Barracks – Nate Duval
    $150 SOLD OUT

    Rousseau’s Transmission – Dan McCarthy
    $150 SOLD OUT

    The Dharma Van – Methane
    $175 SOLD OUT

    Hurley’s Curse – Tim Doyle
    $175 for mailing list subscribers
    $200 on Nakatomi

    Locke’s Secret – Olly Moss
    available 1/6/10 random time

    Smoke Monster – Ken Taylor
    price to be determined
    available 1/7/10

    Polar Bear – Jay Ryan
    available to subscription holders only

    Ben Linus – Todd Slater
    available to subscription holders only

    Swan Station – Rob Jones
    available sometime in the next few years
    (or maybe at Flatstock @ SXSW)

  16. Anyone get a smoke monster? Wow those went quick.

  17. $300. Ouch.

  18. Did they sell already?

  19. They sold out quick. He sold them for $200 at first, then they said sold out. Then he sold more for $300.

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